‘The Green Lobby Is Running Biden’s Brain’—Windmills Edition


 Assessment: Apologies in advance to all of the sweet birds who are going to be killed by the president of the United States …

Among those of us who are honest about current events, there has been no shortage of opinions about who might be in charge of Joe Biden’s brain this year. We know it isn’t him. DOCTOR Mama Jill no doubt has some influence. The voices in his head certainly can’t be discounted.

Very early on I mentioned in an interview that I firmly believed that the Big Green lobby was the preeminent puppet master in control of Biden.

Out of the south cometh the whirlwind: and cold out of the north. By the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened.” Job 37:9-10

He was only about four breaths into his first visit to the Oval Office as president before he killed the Keystone XL pipeline. He also signed an executive order in January to have the United States get back on board with the useless New World Order commie project known as the Paris Climate Accords.

Now we have word that, while the world is burning all around us, Team Biden’s Brain is gonna build us some windmills.

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration announced on Wednesday a plan to develop large-scale wind farms along nearly the entire coastline of the United States, the first long-term strategy from the government to produce electricity from offshore turbines.

Speaking at a wind power industry conference in Boston, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said that her agency will begin to identify, demarcate and hope to eventually lease federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Maine and off the coasts of the Mid-Atlantic States, North Carolina and South Carolina, California and Oregon, to wind power developers by 2025.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better about the future already. Read More