Purim 2022: The war on Amalek never stops


Arutz Sheva: In addition to remembering what Amalek did to us, and in addition to remembering what other Amaleks throughout history have done to us – Sefer Chareidim (written by Rabbi Elazar ben Moshe Azikri, a Tzfat kabbalist, poet, and writer, 1533-1600) says that when remembering the whole Amalek situation, we should also remember and reflect on what WE did that made us vulnerable to attack from Amalek.

Remembering what Amalek did and the other Amaleks we’ve encountered is meant to keep us aware and sharp and ready to fight, if necessary, to defend ourselves. Remembering what made us vulnerable to Amalek has the additional potential to make us better people and better Jews. Take a look in Parshat B’shalach, between the Splitting of the Sea and the Torah testifying to the belief that Israel had in G-d and in Moshe his servant – and between the last 9 p’sukim of VAYAVO AMALEK.

Bitter complaints about lack of water, lack of food, and again lack of water – all of which indicates a lack of faith and trust in G-d – so soon after the episode at the Sea! Could that be what made us vulnerable to attack from Amalek? Could remembering that help make us better MAAMINIM and better Jews? And that too can protect us from Amalek. Now look in Parshat Ki Teitzei, at the portion right before Zachor at the end of the sedra. Prohibition of possessing false weights and measures, in addition to the prohibition of using them to cheat others.

Can that kind of sinful behavior make us vulnerable to Amalek? Even a maybe here makes one think about it. Cheating in business is not only sinful, it very often leads to Chilul HaShem. What did the Jews of the Persian kingdom do or not do to become victims of Haman’s plot? Remember that Haman did not succeed, thank G-d. He was actually removed from the picture of things very early on – almost a year before his massacres were to take place.

But we were under the threat for that whole year (almost). What did we do to make us vulnerable to Haman’s threats? And what did we do right to be spared Haman’s hoped-for end of the story? We can ask this same question over and over again. And even if we cannot figure everything out, the pondering and introspection is still beneficial to us. ZACHOR is not really a once-a-year ritual; it is a constant part of Jewish Life. Read More …

Opinion: Why would a Christian be so interested in Amalek? For me it began on Purim 2011. In March of that year, I was leading a small group of 8 men on Bible prophecy and at the time of Purim, I became interested in knowing more about the evil villain, Haman.

Haman’s plan was to kill all the Jews of 4th century BC Persia, modern day Iran. I began writing down names of other mass murderers of Jews when I noticed an interesting similarity.

Haman was a descendant of Amalek who was a descendant of Esau. Could there be more? Yes there was Herod, Antiochus Epiphanes, Adolf Hitler and Yasser Arafat and more, who shared a common denominator, the desire to kill every Jew on earth.

The end result was our first and only book “Antichrist the Search for Amalek”, that led me to the theory that the final Antichrist will come out of the bloodline of Esau, who is Edom (Hebrew, red), based on Isaiah 63:1-3:

“Who is this who comes from Edom,

With dyed garments from Bozrah,
This One who is glorious in His apparel,
Traveling in the greatness of His strength?—

“I who speak in righteousness, mighty to save.”

Why is Your apparel red,
And Your garments like one who treads in the winepress?

“I have trodden the winepress alone,
And from the peoples no one was with Me.
For I have trodden them in My anger,
And trampled them in My fury;
Their blood is sprinkled upon My garments,
And I have stained all My robes.”

And Revelation 19:11 at His second coming:

“He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God”.

A Wall Street Journal editorial the day after the October 27, 2017 Pittsburg Synagogue Massacre had a chilling headline:

Amalek comes to Pittsburgh

See our video “The First Terrorist HERE.

Purim 2022 is a Jewish holiday celebrated by reading the Book of Esther, exchanging food and drink and partaking in a celebratory meal commemorating the saving of the Jewish people from Haman. Purim 2022 begins sundown March 16 thru sundown March 17.

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