The West’s empty promise: Kabul evacuation flights take off EMPTY as Taliban close off airport


Daily Mail:

  • Tens of thousands of desperate Afghans are trying to evacuate from Kabul’s airport, but are being held back by a Taliban ring of steel with barely anybody being allowed through   
  • Women were filmed begging US troops to put them on flights home, shouting ‘the Taliban are coming for me’
  • But flights are taking off nearly-empty, with one German plane with space for 150 taking just seven people 
  • Another Australian aircraft, with room for 120, took just 26 as NGOs warned people cannot get to the planes

Evacuation flights out of Kabul are taking off almost empty despite tens of thousands of Afghans trying to flee the country after the Taliban formed a ring of steel around the airport and barred most people from reaching it.

One Australian Hercules C-130 aircraft with room for 120 people took off with just 26 on board today, the government has confirmed, while a German Airbus A-400M with room for 150 was carrying just seven people when it departed yesterday.

That is despite there being around 50,000 Afghans gathered at the airport who have been promised sanctuary by western nations. One particularly harrowing piece of footage showed women pleading with US troops that ‘the Taliban are coming for me’.  Read More