“They’re Just Unreasonable”: Debt Ceiling Talks Collapse As Republicans “Abruptly” Walk Out Of Negotiations


Yesterday, when explaining the real reason for Thursday’s tech-led meltup – which for those who missed it was the biggest call buying spree-cum-gamma squeeze since 2014…

… we mocked those idiots who blindly parroted the ridiculous narrative that debt ceiling talks were “going well” (once again for the very cheap seats: “We Won’t See A Debt Ceiling Solution Until The Market Panics“) for the simple reason that, as we went on to say, there would be NO DEAL until the market freaked out, to wit:

But before someone idiotically tosses that today’s meltup was because of more good news on the debt ceiling negotiations (there was zero news, neither good nor bad, and we hate to break it to you but there will be no debt ceiling deal until after the market freaks out, so enjoy the frenzied rush higher), the primary explanation for today’s move was simple: the biggest nasdaq gamma squeeze since 2014!

Well, today the idiocy continued and there were those who once again blindly parroted the narrative that debt ceiling talks are going great and debt deal optimism is pushing stonks higher.

“The rich rules over the poor,
And the borrower is servant to the lender.” Proverb 22:7

Just one problem…

… it was – as we warned repeatedly – all a lie, and moments ago Bloomberg reported what we all know would come out sooner or later (it ended up being sooner), that the talks have pretty much collapsed after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s top debt-ceiling negotiators “abruptly left a closed-door meeting with White House representatives soon after it began Friday morning, throwing the status of talks to avoid a US default into doubt.”

“Look, they’re just unreasonable,” Republican Representative Garret Graves said …

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