Think Tank Urges US To Prevent Iranian ‘Land Bridge’ to Mediterranean



Algemeiner: Iran is seeking to build a “land bridge” to extend the reach of its influence all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, and “disrupting” this corridor should be a priority of the United States, a paper published on Tuesday by the Washington, DC-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) think tank said.

Iran is seeking a land route as a means of transferring troops, weapons and even cash to its proxies, because the existing air route is vulnerable to disruption.

One of the advantages for Iran of a “land bridge” would be its enabling of an increase of shipments of weapons to the Tehran regime’s Shi’a proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Syrian Golan, threatening Israel. This, in turn, would up the likelihood of escalation, possibly “leading to a regional war that directly threatens U.S. allies and U.S. interests across the Middle East.”

In addition, the land bridge would be key to Iranian efforts to expand its influence across the Middle East. more …

Opinion: It is all about the caliphate. Two Arab leaders, Erdogan of Turkey and Khamenei of Iran, think they can become the dominant force in the Middle East with access to the Mediterranean, and Israel is in their way. There are three possible routes to the Med for Iran and two are currently blocked:

The northern route is cut off by the Kurds (Raba) in Syria

There are two southern routes, the lower of which is blocked by the US presence at the al-Tanf military base in Syria. However, the upper branch of the southern route is open to Iran, though it is not fully under Iranian control.

The most desirable route for Iran is through Israel.

From the article: “President [Donald] Trump prevented a calamity of his own making by allowing 400 U.S. troops remain in Syria,” the paper asserted. But even that did not reflect military considerations, but political ones, it noted. Toward this end, the paper recommended that the US urge other members of the anti-ISIS coalition to deploy more troops in Syria to restore the force to the strength it had prior to the withdrawal of most American troops.”

Another motive for two prophetic wars comes into view. In the Psalm 83 Arab war, Iran has been funding and arming at least 4 of the armies for well over a decade.

In the final war before the tribulation, the three principal armies Russia, Turkey and Iran, will unite to try to end the Jewish presence in Israel for good.

For more on the final wars see Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 6 here