To Our Readers


In memory of Centurion, a friend and member of our blog, who graduated to glory on October 26, 2021, we are re-posting his Bible study “Is the Church in the Tribulation?” sent to me a few years ago. You can click on it (here), or in the Featured Bible Study on the Home Page.

He wrote hundreds of responses to our posts over the past years all of which showed his deep grasp of Dispensational Biblical prophecy.

Centurion (Richard), and I spoke by phone often and he edited and offered advice on our paper “Israel, a Call to Repentance” and is listed as a contributor.

Richard was more than a casual reader and student of prophecy, he had recently received a Doctorate in Advanced Prophetics (Prophecy) last August.

Before submitting his doctoral thesis, Richard asked me to review it to give him my thoughts about a future book. I was amazed at his knowledge and ability to make this tremendous work readable for anyone, and encouraged him publish it.

If his work gets published, we will post a notice on our website.