Trump Sends Emergency Delegation to Turkey Amid Bloody Offensive in Syria


Free Beacon: A delegation of senior Trump administration officials will depart for Turkey “as soon as possible” to negotiate a ceasefire following Ankara’s bloody offensive into Syria that killed civilians and helped to reinvigorate the ISIS terror group, according to senior administration officials.

The delegation will seek to “achieve a deal” in the coming days to end the full-scale battle that erupted when Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan permitted his forces to invade Syria following an announcement by President Donald Trump that he is removing American forces from the region.

The troop withdrawal, which has been criticized by both Republican and Democratic leaders, set the stage for a renewed wave of violence in Syria that U.S. officials say has threatened to erase American gains in defeating ISIS terrorists. more …

Opinion: Once upon a time there was a superpower who used an ancient people group to destroy an evil in the world. The superpower mistakenly believed that the evil would be eradicated with the use of force and that peace would then be achievable.

Unfortunately, the superpower failed to grasp the nature of the evil, mistakenly assumed victory and then betrayed the people group by backing away from supporting them as even more evil rose.

The US was happy to be in a coalition with the Kurds in Syria when they were the ones spilling their blood in the fight against ISIS. But when ISIS lost its territory we mistakenly told ourselves the threat was gone.

What no army in this fight understands is that the blood feud and its solution was written down for all who care to see. Neither Mr. Trump, Mr. Erdogan, Mr. Putin or Mr. Rouhani have the slightest idea of its origin of the evil (Genesis 25:23), or its conclusion.

The target in this blood feud is Israel. The evil is from Satan and the antagonists are two Arab people groups whose ancestry is from two members of Abraham’s family, Ishmael and Esau.

Of Ishmael: “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” Genesis 16:12 NIV

Of Esau: For violence against your brother Jacob, Shame shall cover you,
And you shall be cut off forever.” Obadiah 1:10

The savior in the blood feud is Jesus Christ and He has written it all down through the prophets. You see, just before His Second coming Jesus will stop in Edom where Isaiah says the blood of the enemy will stain His robe, Isaiah 63:1-3; Revelation 19:11-16.

The enemy of God’s people cannot enter into the millennial reign Revelation 20:1-2.

President Trump’s delegation is embarrassing.