Trump Signs Executive Order Recognizing Judaism as Nationality, Outlaws Anti-Semitism


Jewish Press: US President Donald Trump signed an historic Executive Order on Wednesday recognizing Judaism as a nationality, rather than solely as a religion. Under the new order, Jewish college and university students will now be recognized as a protected class similar to other official ethnic minorities under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which bans discrimination based on race, color or national origin in programs and at institutions that receive federal funding.

“This action makes clear that Title VI of the Civil Rights Act which prohibits the federal funding of universities and other institutions that engage in discrimination applies to institutions that traffic in anti-Semitic hate,” the president said. “So this is a very powerful document that we’re signing today and it’s been a very big story over the last number of days.”

“As you know they had almost universal support in Congress and yet they didn’t get it done and this has gone on for years and years . . . but there was always a roadblock,” Trump commented.” Read Article …

Opinion: With this signing, President Donald Trump has surpassed every world leader in blessing Israel. I have been watching all day for the reaction, especially from the Vatican, and the silence is deafening.

“This is our message to universities: If you want to accept the tremendous amount of federal dollars that you get every year you must reject anti-Semitism. It’s very simple.”

That statement alone will infuriate anti-Semites but Mr. Trump didn’t stop there:

“My administration will never tolerate this oppression, persecution or silencing of the Jewish people. We have also taken a firm stand against the so-called divestment and sanctions movement, or BDS. We forcefully condemn this anti-Semitic campaign against the State of Israel and its citizens. We renew our pledge, ‘Never again,’” the president vowed.

While one global religious leader is signing a ‘Document for Humanity’ with Islamic and Buddhist leaders, another world leader is signing protection for God’s people.

The enemy is enraged.