UK RABBI: Rise In Antisemitism Today Similar To Holocaust Era


JPost: The UK House of Lords debated on the subject of antisemitism in the country’s politics on Thursday, where their former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks described the rise of antisemitism in Europe today much as that of Holocaust-era Europe.

Sacks expressed his shock that when he visited Poland, he found that Warsaw Ghetto was located in the center of town.

“Try to imagine 400,000 Hindus or Sikhs imprisoned within ghetto walls in the middle of London,” Sacks said. “Imagine people passing those walls every day, knowing that behind them, thousands were dying or being sent to their deaths, and no one said a word. How did it happen?”

“It happened because, in the 19th century, in the heart of emancipated Europe, antisemitism, once dismissed as a primitive prejudice of the Middle Ages, was reborn.”

“That is where we are today,” he emphasized. “Within living memory of the Holocaust, antisemitism has returned exactly as it did in the 19th century, just when people had begun to feel that they had finally vanquished the hatreds of the past.” more …

Opinion: First notice how empty the House of Lords was when the rabbi spoke, as opposed to a typical Brexit debate:

Repeating myself, a resurgence of 1930’s anti-Semitism is the clearest sign we have that the time of trouble for Jacob (Jeremiah 30:7), is very near.

This is the purpose of our “Two Trains” Bible study, to show what God’s word says about the two people groups (Israel and the Church) He plans to save. Over the past 2000 years, dangerous anti-Semitic theologies have been accepted that God is finished with the Jew for killing His son. That the promises of the Abrahamic Covenant were transferred to the Church.

Catholicism adopted the idea that ‘corporate salvation’ can only be achieved by membership in the church …

Catholic Catechism: How are we to understand this affirmation, often repeated by the Church Fathers?335 Re-formulated positively, it means that all salvation comes from Christ the Head through the [Catholic] Church which is his Body:

Basing itself on Scripture and Tradition, the Council teaches that the Church, a pilgrim now on earth, is necessary for salvation: the one Christ is the mediator and the way of salvation; he is present to us in his body which is the Church. He himself explicitly asserted the necessity of faith and Baptism, and thereby affirmed at the same time the necessity of the Church which men enter through Baptism as through a door. Hence they could not be saved who, knowing that the Catholic Church was founded as necessary by God through Christ, would refuse either to enter it or to remain in it.336

…a promise only made to Abraham. Paul clearly wrote that “All Israel will be saved” Romans 9:26, meaning all 12 tribes will be represented in the Kingdom Age.

Both the Church and the Jew are integral in God’s plan, neither is more important than the other, like two trains on parallel tracks both are called and saved in different fashion.

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