UN Report Accuses Israel of “War Crimes” While Hamas-led Attacks on Border Intensify


Jewish Press: A United Nations report released on Thursday claimed Israeli soldiers were guilty of “war crimes” when firing at Hamas-led rioters rushing the security fence separating Israel from Gaza.

“The commission has reasonable grounds to believe that during the Great March of Return, Israeli soldiers committed violations of international human rights and humanitarian law,” said Argentinian legal expert Santiago Canton, who chaired the UNHRC’s commission of inquiry into the protests. “Some of those violations may constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity, and must be immediately investigated by Israel.”

The 22-page report comes after 11 months of Hamas-led March of Return riots. The three-person independent Commission of Inquiry issued by the UN Human Rights Council said more than 6,000 people were shot by IDF snipers using live ammunition, 189 of them fatally.

The report did blame Hamas for using aerial incendiary devices against southern Israel. The report was based on 325 interviews including 15 from the Israeli side. The Israeli government refused to cooperate with the investigation. more …

Opinion: The UN dictators’ club is at it again.

Never mind that Gaza was handed to Arabs in exchange for peace in 2005. Never mind that incendiary balloons have burned more than 8000 acres of land including hundreds of acres of wheat, and never mind that wild life reserves have sustained damage that could take 10-15 years to repair.

According to a Debkafile report March 4, Hamas terrorists are ramping up attacks and the IDF has a new policy of upscale reprisals.

On Monday March 4, two Hamas attacks showed the new policy:

Israeli Air Force attack helicopters struck two Hamas observation posts in Gaza responding for the first time to a balloon attack on two homes in Eshkol.

Three Palestinian terrorists rammed a car at a group of Israel soldiers in Binyamin, seriously injuring a 28-year old IDF officer and wounding a border guard policeman.

Two of the Palestinians were shot and killed while escaping the scene.

The IDF announced that there would be no tolerance for the resurgence of the explosive balloon barrages from Gaza, which plagued Israeli border locations last summer.