Under Federal Scrutiny, NYU Law School Faces Uproar Over Anti-Semitism


Washington Free Beacon: New York University School of Law may be legally obligated to punish some of its star students after nearly a dozen student groups signed a statement that defended terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians and bemoaned the “Zionist grip on the media.”

The statement, drafted by NYU Law School’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, has elicited harassment complaints from Jewish students who say that the letter—and some of the responses it sparked from students—constituted vicious anti-Semitic attacks.

“The Zionist grip on the media is omnipresent,” the statement read. “Palestinians are not obligated to engage in racialized ‘nonviolence’ theory and wait around for a United Nations action that will never come as their homes are taken from them.”

Several students who signed and organized the statement are attending the law school on scholarship as part of the Root-Tilden-Kern Program, widely considered the most prestigious public interest law scholarship in the country. The scholarship’s winners have gone on to hold federal office: They include Lamar Alexander, a U.S. senator and former secretary of education, and Jenny Yang, who served as chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission during former president Barack Obama’s second term. Read More …

Opinion: Excerpts: Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP).

Antisemitism, Violent Extremism and the Threat to North American Universities:

Justice is an end for which all people strive, and the Palestinian people deserves it no less than any other. Yet no understanding of justice is worth the name if, in advancing the aims of one group, it disallows the legitimate cause of another. Thus, when an organization denies Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state; when it demonizes Israel by comparing the Jewish state to Nazi Germany or South African apartheid; and when in making demands of Israel it applies double-standards that are not applied to any other country in the world, this organization is not seeking justice. Rather, it is promoting antisemitism, plain and simple.

The reason for this is that demonization, delegitimization, and double standards against Jews were the main tools of antisemites for thousands of years. Now, they are being applied to the Jewish collective in the State of Israel. . Natan Sharansky, Jerusalem, Chair of ISGAP

Main Findings (ISGAP):

National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) was founded in 2010 at the US Social
Forum’s Palestine Program. The Forum was sponsored in part by the BDS National
Committee (BNC), a coalition with multiple US-designated terror organizations, including
Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), founded in 1967 by George Habash as part of a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary movement), the Popular Front – General Command, and the Palestine Liberation Front (PLF).

• Since its first convention, NSJP featured lectures, via live video, from convicted terrorists
including Khader Adnan and Rasmea Odeh, and expressed support for terrorists on social

• NSJP, under its “Points of Unity” statement adopted in 2011, calls for “ending Israel’s
occupation and colonization of all Arab lands,” by which it means ending Israel’s
existence on any land, under any conditions. The “Points of Unity” statement also calls
for millions of Palestinians to be allowed to move to Green Line Israel, again putting an
end to Israel’s existence.

SJP Logo with white background.png

As of 2019, SJP had over 200 chapters on American and Canadian universities. Some SJP chapters in the United States have adopted the name Palestine Solidarity Committee or Students for Palestinian Equal Rights. In Canada, some SJP chapters have adopted the name Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA), or Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR).(Read More)

Are you surprised that the NSJP was founded in 2010? Or that the NSJP is connected to Hamas and Islamic Jihad? Or that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are both wings of the Muslim Brotherhood? Or that the Muslim Brotherhood was banned in Egypt prior to the 2011 Arab Spring? Or that the Muslim Brotherhood took over the presidency of Egypt on June 24, 2012? Or that chaos and death followed in Egypt until the the Muslim Brotherhood became banned again on September 23, 2013?

It shouldn’t surprise you because it was Barack Obama who invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his US apology tour beginning in Cairo, June 4, 2009:

President Barack Obama's Speech to the Muslim World in Cairo (Co-Sponsored by Al-Azhar) - MuslimMatters.org

While these college front groups do not fire missiles at Israel, they do spread lies and propaganda and get their financing from those who do.