United Airlines Set To Fire Almost 600 Employees Over Vaccine Mandate


Assessment:  United said that its employees who are granted religious and personal exemptions will be put on unpaid leave but can return to work ‘once the pandemic meaningfully recedes,’ without defining what that meant

United Airlines is set to fire almost 600 of its U.S.-based employees after the deadline for its COVID-19 vaccine mandate came and went this week.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, after the company’s September 27th deadline requiring vaccination, it has gone ahead with its plans to let go of the U.S.-based workers who did not get vaccinated. The number of people who face losing their jobs stands at 593 people, according to officials from the company.

“Those workers can still save their jobs if they opt to get vaccinated in the coming days before their official termination meetings, airline officials said Tuesday,” the outlet added.

United Airlines was the first main airline in the United States to enforce a vaccine mandate on its employees. Other airlines have taken steps to get employees vaccinated in various ways.

As the Journal reported, beginning in November, Delta Air Lines Inc. will make unvaccinated workers pay an additional $200 per month for health insurance from the company. Read More


  1. I’m so old I remember what happened with the AIDS crisis. What happened with it? I’ll let this article speak for me and Steely Dan below will give an answer as to how this is applicable to what we see now.

    AIDS and the AZT Scandal: SPIN’s 1989 Feature, ‘Sins of Omission’
    The story of AZT, one of the most toxic, expensive, and controversial drugs in the history of medicine
    Written By Celia Farber October 5 2015, 3:47 PM ET

    Flash forward: August 17, 1989. Newspapers across America banner-headlined that AZT had been “proven to be effective in HIV antibody-positive, asymptomatic, and early ARC patients,” even though one of the panel’s main concerns was that the drug should only be used in a last-case scenario for critically-ill AIDS patients, due to the drug’s extreme toxicity. Dr. @nth*ny F@uci, head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was now pushing to expand prescription.

    Take it away Donald Fagen:

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