Left, Army Medic Angela Asencio gives Army Captain Jason Tuttle the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at Tripler Army Medical Center. December 17, 2020

Assessment: No Navy Seals have died from Covid, yet hundreds of Navy SEALs face being fired imminently for refusing to take the shot

Fox television host Tucker Carlson revealed a bizarre PowerPoint presentation on Monday that was presented to U.S. Army service personnel in an effort to get them on board with mandatory Coronavirus vaccinations. The slide mockingly asks “how many children have been sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine?” prior to claiming that only three people have died from side effects. The presentation then listed the ‘tenets of Satanism’ which were taken directly from the ‘temple of Satanism’ website.

Hashem said to the Adversary, “Where have you been?” The Adversary answered Hashem, “I have been roaming all over the earth.” Job 1:7 (The Israel BibleTM)

The US Army admitted that the presentation was indeed shown to service members, however, they claim that it was not approved by Army leadership, according to Carlson, who called the army’s vaccine mandate a “takeover of the US military.”

“So here you have the U.S. Army doing PR for Satanism,” Carlson said, adding “The rest of the presentation is less shocking but utterly shoddy and dishonest.” Read More @ Israel 365 HERE