Watch: UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Welcomes Jews Back to the Party


Jewish Press: British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has taken the narrative lead in a brand new, rather unconvincing video that is apparently intended to make it clear that “People who hold anti-Semitic views have no place in the Labour Party.”

Feel free to hold your breath if you choose to watch.

Opinion: Two Jeremy Corbin quotes May 12, 2019:

“The Labour Party is united in condemning the ongoing human rights abuses by Israeli forces, including the shooting of hundreds of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza, most of them refugees or families of refugees, demanding their rights.”

“a Labour government will recognize a Palestinian state and press for an immediate return to meaningful negotiations, aimed at achieving a lasting settlement based on UN resolutions, international law and justice that has been too long denied.”

A Hamas spokesman praised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for his support of an anti-Israel rally May 17, 2019:

“We have received with great respect and appreciation the solidarity message sent by the British Labor Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to the participants in the mass rally that took place in central London last Saturday in commemoration of the 71st anniversary of Nakba,”

What becomes immediately obvious is that one cannot be pro-Palestinian/Hamas and pro-Israel at the same time. The second thing that becomes obvious is that Mr. Corbin does not have a clue as to who the rightful owner of God’s land (Genesis 17:7-8) is. The third thing is read the 1st and 2nd things again.

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