What if the 2020 Election Audits Show Trump Really Won?


American Thinker:

I. This we do know…

*  With a strict constructionist view of the wording in the Constitution, the words are not there to “road map” how to fix possible presidential election fraud.

*  The Constitution mentions nothing about the Electoral College re-convening.  Historically, the Electoral College has never re-convened for a second time for a presidential certification.

*  Historically, in the Compromise of 1877, the compromise was made before the president took office, not 6-12 months afterward.  It is very difficult to see how a mutually agreed upon compromise can be worked out this late if election fraud were proven through legitimate audits.

We do know that of the 4 key contested battleground “purple states” that were crucial, all had election irregularities election day, election night, and the following election morning.

*  Arizona may be on the verge of flipping its result, and Georgia looks probable to follow.  And Pennsylvania and then Wisconsin might be next.  In terms of Electoral College votes, that would be all that is needed to satisfy the constitutional 270 votes required.

*  We know that President Trump is planning something very big and important this summer, and America might look and feel very different by Labor Day Weekend.

II.  So, what would happen if it became clear there was no election integrity in the four most important contested state cases?  What would happen? Read More