When it’s over, will we be the same America?


World Net Daily: Consider what has happened in three weeks.

The Republican Party, the party of small government and balanced budgets approved, with but a single dissent, a $2 trillion emergency bill. There is talk now of a second $2 trillion bill, this one for infrastructure.

In a single month, then, a Republican Senate and president grew the federal budget by 50% and are looking to double that.

For years, Democrats raised alarms about Trump’s poaching of the powers of the other branches. Now Democrats are demanding to know why Trump has not shut down the economy by presidential decree and not used his latent dictatorial powers to order U.S. companies to produce what the nation’s hospitals demand.

Democrats who long accused Trump of xenophobia and racism for seeking to close the borders to migrants entering the country illegally are now silent as Trump closes America to the world. Read More …

Opinion: The world’s lone superpower has a lot of enemies that would like to take the US Constitution down in favor of open borders and socialism.

internal …

… and external …

We know from Bible prophecy that in the time of the final war of Armageddon there will be 4 super powers …

There is no nation resembling a lone superpower like the US, except for the Western Alliance of Antichrist. While we don’t know how it happens, the coronavirus provides an economic clue. The US debt may be about to explode, and with it the US dollar as world reserve currency.

If revived Rome (Daniel 7:23-24) encompasses North America, Antichrist will have the enormous fire power of the US and NATO .

“… Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” Revelation 14:4

See Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 10 more unfulfilled prophecy here