White House Ducks Question on Whether Biden Administration Still Considers Israel Its Closest Ally


The Biden Administration may not yet have a clear stand on its relationship with its “closest ally in the Middle East” – or if it does, the Oval Office may not have shared that information with its media folks.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki squirmed and squiggled on Friday to answer what appeared to be a relatively softball toss – but apparently, to her at least, turned out not to be.

The reporter asked: “Can you please just give us just a broad sense of what the administration is trying to achieve in the Middle East?

“For example, does the Biden administration “still consider the Saudis and the Israelis important allies?”

Pretty tame, right? The Saudis have been allies for DECADES. The US has military equipment parked there and has been helping Riyadh protect its airport from the Iranian-back Houthi terrorists. As for the Israelis, aren’t they the folks with whom America has an “unbreakable bond” ?

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