World Bank Creates $1 Billion Fund For Vaccine Passports


Unelected and unaccountable Technocrats are bent on creating vaccine passports. There is no discussion with nation-states or actual citizens who will be forced into taking the passports. A universal digital ID is the Holy Grail of Technocracy because it will enable a “Skynet” system of total control. The World Bank’s backing guarantees that Central Bank Digital Currency will be tightly coupled with vaccine passports.

CBDCs will collect all financial transaction information. Social media collects all of your personal contacts and psychographic profile. Amazon Ring and Google Nest cameras collect your every local movement. Vaccine passports collect and store all of your health information. DNA collection will provide health predispositions.

Existing government databases collect everything from drivers’ license data to gun registrations to political positions. When all of these types of data systems are connected and integrated, Skynet will have arrived to stay. It will know more about you than you know about yourself. It will predict your behavior. It will control your every movement. Resistance to this emerging system is not anti-technology as they would have you believe; it is anti-control. ⁃ TN Editor

While the World Health Organization pushes ahead with plans to enact a new or revised international pandemic preparedness treaty, the World Bank and other organizations are advancing new vaccine passport regimes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is moving ahead with plans to enact a new or revised international pandemic preparedness treaty, despite encountering setbacks earlier this summer after dozens of countries, primarily outside the Western world, objected to the plan.

A majority of WHO member states on July 21, during a meeting of WHO’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB), agreed to pursue a legally binding pandemic instrument that will contain “both legally binding as well as non-legally binding elements.”

STAT News described the agreement, which would create a new global framework for responding to pandemics, as “the most transformative global health call to action since [the] WHO itself was formed as the first specialized United Nations agency in 1948.”

Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum, African Union and World Bank — which created a $1 billion fund for “disease surveillance” and “support against the current as well as future pandemics” — are developing their own pandemic response mechanisms, including new cross-country vaccine passport frameworks. Read More …

Opinion: It astounds me how many Christians have absolutely no idea what is coming. This past week I was in a conversation with a few men after a Bible study group. Both seemed alarmed by the heavy hand of the deep state of but when asked what they thought about central bank digital currencies I got blank stares.

A short time later my wife/Editor found a post by Joseph Farrah, proprietor of World Net Daily a site we visit every day. Farrah is a self-proclaimed Christian and has a 25 year history of condemning attacks on Christian causes. In his Op-Ed: “Biden planning to ‘protect’ us from cash – beginning Dec. 13!, Farrah said this:

Some of America’s smartest men, including Robert Kiyosaki, investment guru and author of the personal finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” have some choice words for Executive Order 14067.

It would behoove you to listen to them.

Kiyosaki called President Joe Biden’s signed executive order “the most treasonous act in U.S. history” and the creation of Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDC, as “communism in its purest form,” encouraging Americans to “stay awake.”

He is joined by Jim Rickards, another economist, investor and former CIA official who is calling it a step toward the end of cash, the greenback, in circulation since the founding fathers. The new “digital tokens” can be “turned off” if the government doesn’t like what you are doing. Rickards has four decades of experience on Wall Street.

Rickards criticized CBDC and labeled it as “Bitcoin’s Evil Cousin.” He also exposed the supposed singular event called C-Day, which according to him, will take place on Dec. 13, 2022, and will disrupt the traditional financial systems in the U.S.

He said when what he calls “C-Day” happens, paper money would be worthless and the U.S. dollar would crash. He further added that consumer spending and access to basic needs would also be restricted, and people holding too much money would be penalized.

I have spoken of CBDC’s for 2 years on the Prophecy Today Radio broadcast and in dozens of blog posts. I also speculated that CBCDs would likely be a 2023 event but Jim Rickards believes it will begin at the Federal Reserve meeting on December 13-14, 2022.

While I am not a fan of setting dates, my post “Biden to replace the US dollar” from August 7 is still one of our most viewed posts (HERE) this year.

You can read more of Farrah’s post HERE