Sep 142014


The Book of Tears is referred to by David in his Psalm 56 verse 4:

“You number my wanderings;
Put my tears into Your bottle;
Are they not in Your book?”

Whether the book referred to is the same book as the Book of Life, or another one, we cannot know. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known” 1 Cor. 13:12.

This post is dedicated to Gila and Doron Tragerman, the parents of  four-year-old Daniel, who was killed on August 24, 2014 just 2 days before the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. A mortar fired by Hamas struck a car in Nahal Oz, near the Gaza border, sending shrapnel flying into the Tragerman family home.

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Sep 102014

1410203348297_cachedThe Daily Beast: “For years, allegations of religious intolerance have swirled around the U.S. Air Force, with officers accused both of pushing evangelical Christianity on the troops—and of hampering Christians’ practice.

Now, a new case threatens to reignite the firestorm. The Air Force has allegedly refused to allow a service member to reenlist, because he refused to use the phrase “so help me God” in his oath, the American Humanist Association asserts.

According to the group, which has come to the defense of the unnamed airman—as Air Force troops are known—commanders told the service member on Aug. 25 that he must use the religious language in his reenlistment contract or leave the military.”

Opinion: November 23, 2013, a Fox news post ‘Air Force Drops So Help Me God From Oath’ said this:

“The Air Force Academy has admitted they removed the phrase “so help me God” from three oaths in the 2012 edition of their official cadet handbook, Fox News has learned. The revelation came after more than two dozen members of Congress sent a letter to Academy Supt. Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson demanding that she explain why the phrase was removed.”

A stunning turn around and welcome praise.


Sep 072014

We continue our current study of the ‘books’ mentioned in Scripture; those that are not the 66 stand-alone books of the Bible.

Today we look at The Book of Remembrance, spoken of by Malachi in 3:16, which records the names of those “who fear the Lord and meditate on His Name.”

We hope that the interpretations we have expressed these past few Sundays are taken in the spirit in which they have been given. Among the reasons we have shared this with you are (but not limited to):

  • to deepen our knowledge of God’s Holy Word,
  • to learn from His past dealings with His chosen,
  • to discern what He desires from us,
  • to love Him and His Redeemer Son more and more as we get to know them personally

We accept that there are several interpretations other than the ones we have chosen to write about. And, perhaps you favor a different interpretation, however, let us “avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife.”  2 Timothy 2:23

May the word of God be glorified!


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Sep 062014
Israel preparing for ‘very violent’ war against Hezbollah

The Times Of Israel: “Just 10 days after a ceasefire ended a 50-day Israel-Hamas conflict, the Israeli army is “making plans and training” for “a very violent war” against Hezbollah in south Lebanon, an Israeli TV report said Friday night, without specifying when this war might break out. The report said Hezbollah has an estimated

Sep 062014
Estonia Next? Russia "Signals Concern" For Its Citizens In The Baltic Republic

Zero Hedge: “Amid the growing Crimea crisis, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – which like Ukraine were all parts of the old Soviet Union and have very significant concentrations of ethnic Russian-speaking citizens – have expressed growing apprehension over Moscow’s intentions. As Reuters reports, Russia signaled concern on Wednesday at Estonia’s treatment of its large ethnic

Sep 062014
Israel is Slowly Becoming a Linchpin of the Regions Energy Suppiles

Phantom Report: “Israel has found another nearby customer for its abundant offshore supply of natural gas, a sign that the region’s endless turmoil has not derailed energy development, even if Israel’s newfound riches have yet to prove the geopolitical balm many expected. The energy firms operating the giant Leviathan field off the coast of Israel

Sep 052014
Cardinal Dolan Will Lead Gay Inclusive St. Patrick's Day Parade

Huffington Post: “Dolan was quick to issue a statement of support for the parade organizers, accepting their decision. While supporters of gay and lesbian Catholics are cheering, some conservatives want the archbishop to withdraw from the event. Pope Francis last year said church leaders should focus more on mercy than on divisive social issues. He

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