Jun 282015


Today’s Post is from Joel Rosenberg’s recent study of Bible prophecy and its intention and purpose.

Joel C. Rosenberg (www.joelrosenberg.com) is a New York Times best-selling and award-winning author of 10 novels and five non-fiction books, with more than 3 million copies sold.

He is also the Founder and Chairman of The Joshua Fund (www.joshuafund.com), a non-profit educational and charitable organization he and his wife launched in 2006 to mobilize Christians to “bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, according to Genesis 12:1-3.”

He and his wife have four sons. They made Aliyah in 2014 and now live in Israel and the United States.

Click on the blue headline link above to read Part 1 of this study.

Jun 272015

1871065644-640x480Breitbart: “Welcome to the exciting new world of the slippery slope. With the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling this Friday legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states, social liberalism has achieved one of its central goals. A right seemingly unthinkable two decades ago has now been broadly applied to a whole new class of citizens.

The question presents itself: Where does the next advance come? The answer is going to make nearly everyone uncomfortable: Now that we’ve defined that love and devotion and family isn’t driven by gender alone, why should it be limited to just two individuals? The most natural advance next for marriage lies in legalized polygamy—yet many of the same people who pressed for marriage equality for gay couples oppose it.”

Opinion: Once marriage became a 14th amendment issue of equal protection under the law, the Biblical definition of marriage becomes completely irrelevant.

Chief Justice Roberts “It is striking how much of the majority’s reasoning would apply with equal force to the claim of a fundamental right to plural marriage” and it will be equally striking when polygamy, or any combination of pairing no matter how perverse, demands that same equal protection.

It’s the law as determined by 9 unelected judges, period.

My niece tells a story about her grandmother (my mother) that is relevant to what we Christians can do now: After a serious and dangerous brain operation on her 10 year old  son my very distraught niece did not get the news she had hoped for.

Feeling devastated and alone my niece went back to her son’s hospital room to grieve the diagnosis. When she walked into the room there was her grandmother standing in her stockings on a Bible.

My startled niece looked in amazement as mom said  “We stand on the word of God”. My niece has been a Christian ever since.

No matter what comes that is the right place to stand.


Jun 272015

Breitbart: “On June 26 President Obama eulogized Rev. Clementa Pinckney praising the frenzied efforts to banish the Confederate flag from public sight, saying, “By taking down that flag we express God’s grace.”

Obama also used the eulogy to call for more gun control laws and to praise Governor Nikki Haley (R) for taking her position on the Confederate flag and calling for its removal from the South Carolina Capitol grounds in the wake of the Charleston attack.”

Opinion: Spoken by the same man who just a few years ago said he could not support same-sex marriage because God is in the mix, and so overcome with emotion at a women’s pro-choice rally that he actually said  – God bless Planned Parenthood.


Jun 212015
Sunday Post: "As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us"

“I just wanted everybody to know, to you, I forgive you. You took something very precious away from me. I will never talk to her ever again. I will never be able to hold her again. But I forgive you. And have mercy on your soul. You have hurt me. You hurt a lot of

Jun 202015
'We’re On Our Own’

The Washington Free Beacon: “By the summer of 2013, President Obama had convinced several key Israelis that he wasn’t bluffing about using force against the Iranian nuclear program. Then he failed to enforce his red line against Syrian dictator Bashar Assad—and the Israelis realized they’d been snookered. Michael Oren, the former Israeli ambassador to the

Jun 072015
SUNDAY POST: Why Ezekiel 38 Precedes Daniel 9

“… the Jewish leadership of the Christian movement called the Church had become divided over the issue of whether Gentiles who were coming into Christianity had to put themselves under the Law first. In other words, did a Gentile have to become a Jew before becoming a Christian? The unspoken question that lurked behind it

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