Abbas: 'Jordan and Palestine are One People in Two States'

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Jun 032015


Arutz Sheva: “Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has described Jordanian and Palestinian Arabs as “one people living in two states,” during a meeting with the head of the Jordan Football Association on Tuesday.

Abbas met JFA head Prince Ali Ibn al-Hussein in Amman, to discuss last week’s FIFA congress vote in which the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) dropped a motion to expel Israel.

The Jordanians are reportedly angry that the PA did not vote for their preferred candidate for FIFA President, and there are calls in Jordan to strip PFA head and senior PA leader Jibril Rajoub of his Jordanian citizenship.”

Opinion: The head Edomite has a rare moment of telling the truth. Just after WWI, Jordan was established as a home for Arab peoples.

In 1922 the League of Nations awarded Britain mandates over Transjordan, Palestine and Iraq. Britain then ordered that land be given to the Jewish people with no restrictions.

The Jews were granted both sides of the Jordan River totaling 43,075 square miles. A few months later, Britain under pressure from the Arabs altered the Balfour Declaration and took back 32,460 square miles or 78% of the original land grant on the east side of the Jordan River.

Today Jordan refuses to allow so-called Palestinian people citizenship in the country that was created for them.

Pawns that will be obliterated Obadiah 1:18 when the King arrives Isaiah 63:1-3

Pawns on chessboard



ISIS on road to Baghdad. Jordan warns US air strikes won’t stop their advance

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May 192015

Tanks_fled_ramadi_17_5_15Debkafile: “Jordan’s King Abdullah has warned Washington that US air strikes alone can’t stop the Islamic State’s advances in Iraq and Syria. What is more, they leave his kingdom next door exposed to an Islamist incursion in the south that would also put Saudi Arabia in peril.

Abdullah offered the view that the US Delta Special Forces operation in eastern Syria Saturday was designed less to be an effective assault on ISIS’s core strength and more to play down the real Islamist threat facing Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf emirates.  Washington did not heed him.”

Opinion: Three days ago Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz said  “It’s been a while since this (Ramadi) has come up in this briefing, so let me just give you our latest rundown of the progress that we have indeed been making,” he said, citing a list of accomplishments against ISIS as proof that the terrorist group’s momentum had been “blunted.”

The only thing blunted so far is this knife.



Apr 202015

sjp_0Front Page Magazine: “The world is witnessing a resurgence of global anti-Semitism not seen since the 1930s and the “Final Solution.” In the Middle East, Hitler-admiring regimes like Iran, and Hitler-admiring parties like Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, are openly planning to finish the job the Nazis started. Even in America, until now the most hospitable place outside of Israel for Jews, the atmosphere is more hostile than at any time in the last 70 years.

Across the United States student groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, specifically Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Students Association, are engaged in a vitriolic campaign against Israel and those students who support its right to exist. These organizations promote the propaganda of the terrorist organization Hamas, and call for the destruction of the Jewish state.

To advance this genocidal agenda, SJP endorses the lie that Israel was created on territory stolen from the Palestinians and, therefore, Jews illegally occupy Arab lands from which they must be purged.

In 1948 when Israel was created, there was no Palestinian political entity, no movement for a Palestinian state, and no people calling itself Palestinian.”

Opinion: News Flash: There is no such thing as a Palestinian. The name was re-crafted for Arabs from Jordan by a blood thirsty Amalek of the 20th century, Yasser Arafat.

Non-revisionist history:

The 1967 war, also called the six day war, was to be a genocidal assault against the Jewish state by Egypt, Jordan and Syria. But Israel, having learned from the book of Esther in 520 BC, rather than wait to be annihilated, preempted and attacked first.

The victory stunned the world as Israel captured the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula.

When Israel recaptured the West Bank from Jordan, King Abdullah refused to repatriate any more refugees, and instead put them in internment camps.

It was in those camps, with the help of Yasser Arafat, that the name Palestinian became associated with Arabs from Jordan. Prior to 1967, “Palestinian was a disparaging name for Jews living in Palestine” (which was renamed Israel in 1948).

Yet, since 1967, the UN has called these lands “occupied,” even though the recaptured lands were part of the 1917 British Mandate, and no nation has ever returned land taken during a defensive action.

Here is what the SJP and MSA are fighting against:

The land of Israel was granted to a man named Abram, whom God renamed Abraham, in 4000 BC . The gift was an unbreakabe and forever covenant between God and Abraham and his descendants after him, Genesis 17:7-8.

Be careful trying to explain this to a progressive, they have a tendency to get very angry. It’s that truth thingy.



'Influx of advanced weapons flowing into Syria, Lebanon unprecedented'

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Mar 312015
'Influx of advanced weapons flowing into Syria, Lebanon unprecedented'

JPost: “Advanced weaponry, much of it supplied by Iran, is flowing into Syria and Lebanon, a senior Israel Navy source warned on Sunday. The Navy is spending a large chunk of its operational time dealing with advanced weapon smuggling, according to the source, who added, “Such weapons pose a challenge to all Western navies in


Guest Post: Jordan to participate in ‘train and equip’ programme against IS

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Mar 252015
Guest Post: Jordan to participate in ‘train and equip’ programme against IS

  Mid East Eye: “Jordanian authorities announced Monday that the kingdom would be taking part in the US-funded “train and equip” programme to help vetted Syrians battle Islamic State (IS) militants. “Jordan and other nations in the coalition and in the region will jointly train … Syrian tribes to fight against the terrorist bands,” government


Saudis might help Israel attack Iran in exchange for progress in peace process

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Feb 252015
Saudis might help Israel attack Iran in exchange for progress in peace process

The Jerusalem Post: “In private talks with European sources, the Saudis have expressed their willingness to cooperate with Israel on Iran, including use of Saudi air space by the IDF for a possible air strike, according to a report by Channel 2. Cooperation with Saudi Arabia would not come free, however. According to the report,

Feb 232015
How the President’s Summit Helped ISIS

Breitbart: Friday saw the close of the of the three-day international summit on violent extremism hosted by the White House. Coming as it did just a just after the release of ISIS/Islamic State videos on the immolation of Lt Kassasbeh, the Jordanian Royal Air Force pilot, and the slaughter of 21 Egyptian Christians, and the

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