Mar 112014

000_Nic6305896-e1394491944606-415x234The Times Of Israel: “On the heels of the death of a Jordanian citizen Monday morning from Israeli fire on the Allenby Bridge, a complex storm brewed, not unexpectedly, in Amman.

The protesters demanded that the Israeli ambassador be expelled from Jordan and that the embassy be closed. Some of them burned Israeli flags. However, Jordanian security forces managed to maintain control.

The official Israeli account of events at the border crossing Monday morning states that the Jordanian who was shot to death, Raed Zeiter, tried to steal a border guard’s rifle while shouting “Allahu Akbar,” the Arabic expression meaning “God is great.”

Opinion: One Jordanian citizen shouts Allahu Akbar, which normally precedes mayhem, and the quiet kingdom of Jordan goes berserk.

Here is why that is important; Of the 10 armies of the war of Psalm 83, three are from Jordan:

  • Edom, Moab and Ammon are south, central and northern Jordan
  • Ishmaelites (Saudi Arabia)
  • Hagrites (Egypt)
  • Amalek (Sinai)
  • Philistia (Gaza, Hamas)
  • Assyria (Syria, Northern Iraq)
  • The inhabitants of Tyre/Gebal (southern and northern Lebanon)

Is this the spark that ignites an Arab invasion? Only God knows.

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Feb 042014

Debkafile: “While batting back Israel’s complaints over references to anti-Israel boycotts in relation to peacemaking with the Palestinians, US Secretary of State John Kerry has again bumped his head against another piece of Middle East history: The 1994 Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty.

In an exchange of messages in the last few days, debkafile’s Middle East sources reveal that King Abdullah II filed a strong protest with Kerry against the failure of the security-political clauses in his framework accord to address issues involving the Hashemite Kingdom’s political future and security. Above all, he castigated the plan for failing to factor in past treaties concluded between Jordan and Israel with US encouragement.

Israel emphatically objects to withdrawing its troops from this strategic valley on its eastern border or evacuating its settlements there, on the grounds that without its own military manpower on the ground, even the most sophisticated instruments of surveillance would not be proof against terrorist incursions to the West Bank and Israel itself.”

Opinion: Peace in the Middle East is not a job for amateurs. In the coming years, after a false peace (Daniel 9:27) there will be lasting peace in Israel that will never end. That Israel will take its rightful place in the world can be found in the book of Genesis.

God blessed Jacob through Isaac:

May God give you heaven’s dew and earth’s richness—an abundance of grain and new wine. May nations serve you and peoples bow down to you. Be lord over your brothers, and may the sons of your mother bow down to you. May those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed” Genesis 27:28-29.

Here is the prophecy inside the blessing. Jacob, whom God named Israel, was promised the fatness of the earth and that the nations would bow down to him. Never in history have the nations bowed to Israel, but in the millennial reign of Jesus Christ the nation of Israel will be His dwelling place. Jerusalem will be where He will have His sanctuary (Temple) in their midst forevermore (Ezekiel 37:7-11). The nations will make yearly pilgrimages to Israel to see the Lord.

Jacob’s blessing is to be fulfilled at the millennium reign of Christ on earth, and all Jews will dwell there. The re-gathering of the Jews to the land of promise will be completed.

Somebody say amen.

Feb 012014

scarlett-solo-e1391187156463The Algemeiner: “Late Wednesday, the Jewish actress, through a spokesman, issued a statement saying that she had “respectfully decided to end her ambassador role with Oxfam” because “she and Oxfam have a fundamental difference of opinion in regards to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.”

The conflict emerged after Johansson was named as the celebrity spokeswoman for Israel’s SodaStream, which manufactures its home carbonation system in a factory in Ma’ale Adumim, across the Green Line, in an area that Palestinian Arabs claim for a state.

“Scarlett Johansson should be widely praised for her principled, public stand against the BDS movement.  Johansson roundly rejected efforts to demonize the Israeli company SodaStream, affirming that her relationship with SodaStream reflects her commitment to ‘economic cooperation and social interaction between a democratic Israel and Palestine.”

Opinion:  That same progressive establishment that loved Scarlett as one of their own, steadfastly holds on to the belief that the Jordanian refugees who chose war instead of statehood in 1947 have some entitlement to the land that God gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What will they do about Scarlett now?

I doubt that the actress knows how this will end. The prophesied 7 nation coalition of Psalm 83:1-8 will try to do what Esau has been trying to do for 4000 years - kill his brother Jacob, Genesis 27:41.

Obadiah 1:18 says it won’t happen.

Jan 102014
Kerry willing to recognize Israel as Jewish state, but Palestinians won't go along

YNet News: “Despite sketchy reports about peace talks currently underway between Israel and Palestinians, one thing is clear: The Palestinians are not willing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. “The Israeli demand not only recreates the historical narrative of the region, but it would threaten the Palestinian right of return,” Bassam Salhi, a member

Jan 092014
Kerry to update Arab League on Israel-Palestinian talks

The Times Of Israel: “Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Kuwait next week to meet with representatives of the Arab League’s Arab Peace Initiative committee to discuss the ongoing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Kerry called the peace initiative a key part of a US-drafted framework agreement meant to be presented to the Israelis

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Jan 062014
Abbas said to reject Kerry call to recognize Israel as Jewish state

The Times Of Israel: “Palestinian sources told AFP that Abbas had rebuffed pressure from Kerry to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. They also said the secretary was proposing a joint Israeli-Palestinian presence to control the West Bank-Jordan border, where Israel has insisted on ongoing IDF control and Abbas has sought an international military presence.”

Jan 032014
Al Qaeda defeats a major Iraqi army offensive, invades Ramadi and Falluja

Debkafile: “Military sources report that Al Qaeda owes much of its victory to the decision of the Sunni tribes of western Iraq to join and spearhead its counter-attack on Iraqi forces. After smashing whole Iraqi units in the two cities, these tribal militias opened the door for the ISIS jihadists to march in. Ironically, the tribal militias backing