Aug 272014

The Telegraph: The sudden and unexplained release of the American photojournalist Peter Theo Curtis at the weekend has raised fresh questions about the role of Qatar in funding terrorism and broking the payment of multi-million dollar ransoms for western hostages held by Islamist terror groups in the Middle East.

The US government and the Curtis family have denied paying any ransom for Mr. Curtis, 45, who was released on Sunday after 22 months in captivity and just six days after the gruesome execution of James Foley, another American journalist.

No official explanation has been given as to why Jabhat al-Nusrah.”

Opinion: Are you kidding me? The more it is denied – the more likely it is. The president could not afford the humiliation of another in your face beheading of an American.  It jeopardizes the agenda.



Aug 202014

ob3CNBC: “Foreign policy successes have been rare for the current White House so it was surprising this week to see President Barack Obama take something of a victory lap over the apparent success of efforts to beat back Islamic radical advances in Iraq.

But it certainly made sense for the president to take satisfaction where he could because beyond that small victory, Obama’s presidency seems disconnected and directionless.

Obama, who ran in 2008 as a healer, has apparently given up on even trying.”

Opinion: What can anyone expect from a man whose accomplishments were academic degrees, which no one is allowed to see, prior to becoming the president of the most powerful nation on earth?

No business experience, no leadership experience, and no foreign policy experience, and to this day only a few have any idea where he comes from, how he went from Occidental College to Harvard or why no one at Columbia University has any recollection of knowing him.

His eponymous legislation was birthed on lies. His embrace of the terror group, the Muslim Brotherhood, parent of Hamas brought mayhem to the Middle East; and the US economy is still showing few signs of health 5 full years after the recession ended.

Who is he? We still don’t know, but we have a pretty good idea as to what he is not – presidential material.

Aug 182014
High Fashion Expense For Hillary Travel

 Review Journal: “She insists on staying in the “presidential suite” of luxury hotels that she chooses anywhere in the world, including Las Vegas. She usually requires those who pay her six-figure fees for speeches to also provide a private jet for transportation — only a $39 million, 16-passenger Gulfstream G450 or larger will do. And

Aug 152014
Racial Unrest in Heartland Calms

Newsmax: “Protests over the shooting of an unarmed black teen in Missouri were boisterous but peaceable on Thursday night as a small number of state police, led by a newly appointed black captain, replaced riot gear-clad local forces and mingled with the crowd. Hours earlier, Missouri’s governor Jay Nixon put Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson

Aug 062014
Democratic Senator Features Little Girl In Pro-Abortion Ad

The Daily Caller: “Democratic Sen. Mark Udall is criticizing his Republican challenger’s stance on abortion in a new ad that is sure to outrage pro-life voters. Udall’s new “Backwards” TV ad against opponent Cory Gardner, a Republican congressman, features a woman holding a girl that looks about five or six years old while discussing abortion.

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