Feb 252015

mitch-mcconnell-frown-AP-420x315National Journal: “With the Homeland Security Department set to shut down on Saturday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday offered Senate Democrats everything they wanted. And then, as with mice and cookies, they asked for some more.

When Democrats heard the news, they were not impressed. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said that he had a positive meeting with McConnell on Tuesday, but then asked for more: House Speaker John Boehner’s guarantee that the clean DHS funding bill could pass the House.”

Opinion: I hate to say I knew it – but I knew it. In November’s election, Republicans gained their largest majority in the House since 1928. The problem is somebody forgot to tell them that winning means you get your way.

Spineless, feckless, useless, self-pandering politicians have sold the country out in the name of political expediency and please don’t tell me that they needed to do this in order to win in 2016.

At this point “what difference does it make?”

Now that I’m done with my rant, it makes perfect sense from a prophetic view. By the end of 2015, expect to see serious reductions in internet freedom, increases in climate regulations/reparations, and restrictions in gun ownership all under the watchful eye of the UN.

The agenda is set and the globalists represented by President Obama, Pope Francis, and Ban Ki Moon are ready to create a new world order of things.

Open wide – it tastes just like cherry.


Feb 232015

American Thinker: “History teaches that entities don’t willingly relinquish power; it didn’t happen in 1776 and it won’t happen now. People are generally quite zealous about increasing their power, though. This returns us to the courts’ usurpations. Do you know where the power of “judicial review” came from? It was declared in the 1803 Marbury v. Madison decision — by the Supreme Court.

That’s right: the Supreme Court gave the Supreme Court the Supreme Court’s despotic power.”

Opinion: The ideological lines between the parties are all but gone.

  1. Abortion – check
  2. Amnesty – check
  3. Obamacare – check
  4. Same-sex marriage – check

Activist judges decide which laws are constitutional and which are not. The president uses executive action to make 5 million new citizens that are in violation of immigration law, and all the while the nation pretends the next election will set America back on the path to freedom.

The writer of Chronicles, Ezra, knew that only prayer could save the Israelites:

Only prayer will save our nation:

“If my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land” 2 Chronicles 7:14


Feb 122015

606x404-1220d0e6c43e01e867036df1f1c753b8The Washington Examiner: “Claiming that thousands of public comments condemning “dark money” in politics can’t be ignored, the Democratic-chaired Federal Election Commission on Wednesday appeared ready to open the door to new regulations on donors, bloggers and others who use the Internet to influence policy and campaigns.

During a broad FEC hearing to discuss a recent Supreme Court decision that eliminated some donor limits, proponents encouraged the agency to draw up new funding disclosure rules and require even third-party internet-based groups to reveal donors, a move that would extinguish a 2006 decision to keep the agency’s hands off the Internet.”

Opinion: I have been wondering how long I would be able to keep this site up. I admit I never expected the Federal Election Committee to be the watchdog, but with another freedom in the balance election coming, it adds up.

Since sites like this one use current events and their relation to Bible prophecy to try to understand the signs of the times, politics and politicians are impossible to avoid.

If the globalists get their way the regulations and fees to run a site like this will be onerous.


Feb 112015
Obama Advisor Admits Obama Lied About Gay Marriage

Town Hall: “Former-Senior Advisor to President Obama David Axelrod admits in a new book that Obama lied about his opposition to gay marriage in order to become president. “Opposition to gay marriage was particularly strong in the black church, and as he ran for higher office, he grudgingly accepted the counsel of more pragmatic folks

Feb 112015
Obama's War Authorization Limits Ground Forces

Bloomberg News: “President Barack Obama will soon give Congress his proposal for a new authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) against Islamic State fighters, and it will place strict limits on the types of U.S. ground forces that can be deployed, according to congressional sources. If enacted, the president’s AUMF could effectively constrain the

Jan 292015
Obama Aide Sent to Israel to Overthrow Netanyahu

The Daily Caller: “A top appointee in President Barack Obama’s 2012 election campaign is now working to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming March election. Jeremy Bird was the national field director for Obama’s 2012 campaign, and he’s now working for an Israel-based group, dubbed V15, an anti-Netanyahu group that is backed

Jan 262015
"A Stunning Attack On America's Sovereignty"

Newsmax: “President Barack Obama will propose protecting 1.4 million acres of Arctic refuge from oil and gas drilling, The Washington Post reported on Sunday. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee chairman Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, called it “a stunning attack on our sovereignty.” The move is certain to spark yet another fight with Republicans, who

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