Jul 182014

Breitbart: “Obama Literally Out to Lunch During Ukraine Downed Passenger Plane Crisis.”

Opinion: The president briefly addressed the downing of Malaysian  jet as  a “terrible tragedy” while attending a political event in Delaware yesterday afternoon –  then went back to jokes.


Jun 272014

josh-earnest-apBreitbart: “President Obama, tired of waiting for Congress to act on immigration reform, is currently exploring ways to address issues with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained that the Obama administration was getting impatient with Congress.”

Opinion: Open wide, children, for your daily dose of trashing the Constitution.

The plan is to act so frustrated with our entire system of representative government that people get used to hearing that. Then at some point wham-o-pinko Batman, it’s gone.

How else does one man do as he pleases?

Jun 232014

hil1Excerpt, By Ed Kline: “The true story of what happened to Hillary, which is being recounted in these pages for the first time, was radically different from Reines’s version.

To begin with, Hillary fainted while she was working in her seventh-floor office at the State Department, not at home, as Reines told the media. She was treated at the State Department’s infirmary and then, at her own insistence, taken to Whitehaven to recover. However, as soon as Bill appeared on the scene and was able to assess Hillary’s condition for himself, he ordered that she be immediately flown to New York–Presbyterian Hospital in the Fort Washington section of Manhattan. When Reines subsequently released a statement confirming that Hillary was being treated at the hospital over the New Year’s holiday, it naturally intensified speculation about the seriousness of her medical condition.

While she was at the hospital, doctors diagnosed Hillary with several problems.  She had a right transverse venous thrombosis, or a blood clot between her brain and skull.”

Opinion: In shocking news, Amazon reports that Hillary’s new book “Hard Choices” has fallen from the top 10 best seller list after just 1 week. I’m sure it’s no consolation to Hillary that now there’s room for Antichrist: The Search For Amalek to move up from its current ranking of # 93,020 out of 300,000.

But, I’ll bet not one of the 92,019 books ranked higher said this, “By the end of summer 2016, the upcoming US elections were in full swing. The US electorate was stunned by Hillary Clinton’s sudden withdrawal, and speculation centered on a neurological disorder first diagnosed after the Benghazi massacre of 2012.”

There I feel better now.


Jun 162014
Hillary Clinton Gets New Book Promo at CFR Confab

The New American: “The rollout of the national tour for Hillary Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices, has been as carefully scripted as any presidential campaign launch, which is no surprise, since the book tour is precisely that: Hillary’s unofficial launch of her 2016 White House bid. It is also no surprise that one of her

Jun 102014
House Majority Leader Cantor defeated in primary

AP News: “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated Tuesday by a little-known economics professor in Virginia’s Republican primary, a stunning upset and major victory for the tea party. Cantor is the second-most powerful member of the U.S. House and was seen by some as a possible successor to the House speaker.” Opinion: Nine words won