BPT NEWS Special Report: 2nd Round Dem Debate Night 1



I watched the debate – so you wouldn’t have to … (raw and unedited)

Bernie Sanders wants your guns – “every poll has me beating Trump” –  Medicare for all – free college – “We need big ideas to take on fossil fuel industry with criminal penalties”– teachers will earn $60,000 per year – forgive student loan debt

Pete Buttigieg Total reform of our democracy – “nominate me and I will expose the president as a draft dodger” – “racial divide in in my city causing the demonstrations” – systemic racism has affected every facet of the country – quoted Scripture (out of context) to attack Republicans for blocking bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15

Gov. Steve Bullock kick Koch brothers out of Montana (I didn’t know he was even running)

Marianne Williamson: Corporate Donations to political campaigns have to stop (very intense scary lady) – criticized corporate profits – “Trump gutted the clean water act”- “We need to say it like it is” (big applause!!) – Great injustice of slavery solved with $200 to 500 billion in reparations (big applause!!!) – US has a “sociopathic economic system that is “heartless.”

John Hickenlooper Bernie is too extreme on health care – Trump admin is malpractice – trade wars are for losers

Tim Ryan Refuses to put hand on his heart during National Anthem (Kaepernick wing) “Working class has not had a raise in 30 years – we need a chief manufacturing officer to facilitate electric cars and solar panels – we need to make things again and chief manufacturing officer will solve problem

Beto O’Rourke – climate control – expand mental healthcare for veterans – Only 10 years left to get climate right! – Trump is a racist – defended Ilhan Omar – hate crimes on the rise – blamed Trump for New Zealand mosque shooting – US became a great country on the backs of slaves – “I will sign reparations bill”

Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warrencame out fighting “I can take on Wall Street  – I can take on the banks – I am not afraid” – climate crisis is real and believes in Green New Deal – $2 trillion in Green manufacturing to create new jobs – Trump is a “racist” – free college – $50 billion for black colleges

Amy Klobuchar – Free health care will not win – free college will not win – Proposes $2 trillion in infrastructure – economic opportunity for everyone!

John Delaney – attacked Sanders and Warren on Medicare For All and other unrealistic promises – gained a lot of debate time –  wants Green New Deal – “Trump wants physical walls I support the Trans Pacific Partnership OBAMA WAS RIGHT” – raise capital gains tax rate!

The winners (except Tim Ryan) have a picture.

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  1. When I think of some of the worst policy proposals coming from the democrats, student loan forgiveness has to be in the top 5. Why? Because total forgiveness of the balances will never, ever happen. The best they’ll be able to do is have you sign your life away to wipe the balances free and clear which will require the borrower to serve the government for a certain amount of time. That’s called indentured servitude. While it’s not technically slavery, it’s a hair’s breadth away. And guess which demographic is especially burdened by student loans? African Americans. So congratulations democrats, there’s a very real possibility you’ll create thousands upon thousands of indentured servants in the African American community. Irony?

    See this article for more info: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/27/how-the-student-debt-crisis-has-hit-black-students-especially-hard.html

    But wait, there’s more: Imagine if sanity rules the day and this debt is never forgiven? There is a generation of students who have been hearing for many years now that there’s a chance this debt will never matter to them because it’ll be wiped away. If you’re one of these students, what do you do when you hear the sweet siren call of forgiveness? You load up on the debt and binge like crazy because it’s free money! After all, nearly all the democrats are shouting debt forgiveness.

    And then one day these poor dupes will make up one morning, stare into the abyss that is their student loan balances with the knowledge help is not on the way after American voters reject this asinine policy, and…then what?


    I guess escape to the village of Uchakkada?

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