Al Qaeda IS already back in Afghanistan: Bin Laden chief and arms supplier Amin ul-Haq RETURNS


Daily Mail: A close aide of Osama bin Laden has returned to his home in Afghanistan after 20 years of US occupation just hours until American forces finish their evacuation from the war-torn country by President Joe Biden‘s deadline, a video purports to show.

Amin ul-Haq, a top Al Qaeda arms supplier, returned to his hometown in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province on Monday just over two weeks after the Taliban completed its lightening fast offensive to take over nearly all of the country.

Ul-Haq headed bin Laden’s security when he was occupying the Tora Bora cave complex. The two men escaped together when US forces attacked the complex, according to NBC.

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Opinion: Wait what? For the past 8 months, we were told that the existential threat to the US is white supremacists. Why the threat was so bad the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, had an impenetrable razor wire fence erected around the United States Capital.

Arrington Demands Speaker Pelosi to Remove Capitol Fencing | U.S. Representative Jodey Arrington

And just to emphasize the danger, heavily armed National Guard troops were brought in to stop the certain upcoming insurrection of white militia groups ….

House Republicans tell Pelosi Capitol fencing erected after riot needs to come down | Fox News

On March 24, a disappointed Pelosi had the fence removed.

It has been a little over 4 years since al Qaeda and ISIS made headlines thanks to Donald Trump’s swift and decisive action against terror groups.

Mother Of All Bombs': 10 Things To Know About GBU-43, The Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb

(April 13, 2017, Mother of all Bombs dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan)

Maybe now, just days away from the 20th anniversary of 911, Democrat leaders will realize that al Qaeda, ISIS, and a myriad of new terror groups that are coming across the US southern border are the real threat.

Nah, wishful thinking.