America Is Now Actually the Mess Dems Pretended It Was Under Trump


PJ Media: It began on election night 2016. I stayed up until about six in the morning on the west coast watching both CNN and MSNBC (one on my television and one on my phone) melting down over Trump’s victory. In no uncertain terms, the talking heads at each network repeated the dire warning that a Trump victory meant certain doom for the American stock market. It was the first of about a million things they got wrong. Trump’s economy was humming along in overdrive until the Wuhan lab let the bat go free.

Objectively, the first three years of the Trump era were damned good ones for the republic. Unfortunately, American Democrats all live on a subjective moon that orbits a navel-gazing planet. Rather than just sit back and enjoy all of the peace and prosperity that President Trump helped bring about, all they could do was rend their garments over the fact that he had dared to defeat the least likable presidential candidate in history fairly and squarely.

“Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.” Eph. 5:6

Were you, however, to have been a regular consumer of the mainstream media in the United States of America, all you read or heard was that this great land had been ruined forever by ORANGE MAN BAD.

The MSM kept the fever-pitch wailing going all day and night while Trump was in office. There was nothing that was reality-based that fit their narrative, so they lied all the time, especially about Russia. They breathlessly “reported” an avalanche of anonymously sourced anti-Trump garbage every day. From almost the moment that Trump got in office, I enjoyed the way he punched back at them.

The only real chaos during the Trump years happened in 2020, obviously, and it wasn’t his doing. The pandemic threw everything into a tizzy, including election integrity. Now we’re seven months into a nightmare brought on by Democrat opportunists who ran over dead bodies just so they could point back and use them as excuses to obliterate any semblance of transparency in an American presidential election.

The result of that is that we are now actually living in the hellscape that American leftists kept falsely claiming was a reality during Trump’s presidency. Read More