American Casualties Reported in Kabul Airport Suicide Attack


PJ Media: The Biden administration’s decision to hastily withdraw from Afghanistan has resulted in at least three American servicemen being injured or even killed.

After several days of possible “threats” to the Kabul airport, it has now been hit by terrorists. A suicide bomber murdered or wounded at least 11 people, including three American servicemen.

According to Fox News, the suicide bombing resulted in a firefight between the terrorists and U.S. troops present at the airport. Apparently, these troops are willing to defend themselves and their brothers in arms, despite the fact that they were completely betrayed by their political leadership.

And by “political leadership,” I mean, of course, the gutless, spineless, ridiculous Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

According to Fox News, the suicide attack was very “complex.” However, such attacks were anticipated. In fact, American intel warned about possible upcoming attacks well before this suicide attack was actually carried out. In other words, they knew something was coming, but were unable to do anything about it.

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