Biden’s “New Atlantic Charter” Advances Globalist World Order


The New American: The longtime globalist dream of merging the United States with the nations of Europe under an unaccountable transatlantic regime got a big boost this month, with a controversial “New Atlantic Charter” being signed by Joe Biden and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The document advances a dizzying array of internationalist Big Government schemes, including “sustainable development,” entangling military alliances, man-made global-warming alarmism, and the so-called rules-based international order.

But none of it is new. The historical record shows Deep State globalists have been obsessed with the plot for almost a century. The goal is a radical transformation on par with the unprecedented expansion of government under FDR, with a nod to globalist George Soros’ favorite “open societies” language.

The unconstitutional agreement, which has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate as required for all treaties, actually plays on the original Atlantic Charter inked by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1941.

That controversial 80-year-old document vowed to seek the disarmament of nations and build a “new world order,” as the Washington Post put it, after the quashing of National Socialist (Nazi) tyranny in Europe. Read More …

Opinion: Former EU Commissioner from 2014-19 Jean Claude Junker when asked about governing the EU said this: “Europe would be easier to understand if one captain was steering the ship.”

According to Bible prophecy, the EU will get its desired new world order and one captain to steer the ship, and an unaccountable transatlantic regime, but it wont take long before the nation states realize that their government will turn wicked.

And in the latter time of their kingdom,
When the transgressors have reached their fullness,
A king shall arise,
Having fierce features,
Who understands sinister schemes.” Daniel 8:23

The Kingdom will be revived Rome. Unlike the three empires that came before it, Rome was never conquered.

  • Babylon was conquered by Medo Persia
  • Medo Persia was conquered by Greece
  • Greece was conquered by Rome

That is why Daniel calls “Rome II” or revived Rome, the 4th empire

“His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power;
He shall destroy fearfully,
And shall prosper and thrive;
He shall destroy the mighty, and also the holy people.” Daniel 8:24

In Rev. 13:1, John calls him the Beast with 10 horns (the number of nations of his empire). He will suffer a massive head wound (Rev. 13:3) as Satan stages a false resurrection (Rev. 13:4) mimicking the true Christ.

He will be permitted to prosper 7 years (Daniel 9:27), his reign will end upon the return of Christ (Isaiah 63:1-3), and his defeat is described by Daniel 11:45 almost quietly, at the end of the final war …

And he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas (Israel) and the glorious holy mountain (Jerusalem); yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.

And all Israel is saved Romans 11:26.