Bitcoin Will Be The “Escape Hatch” During Imminent Global Recession


Zero Hedge: Bitcoin may be a way out, or “an escape hatch,” as put by ShapeShift chief executive and crypto entrepreneur Erik Voorhees. Bitcoin may be the best way to provide people with a lucrative way to prepare for imminent global recession and collapse of the debt-based system.

Bitcoin is the sensational decentralized cryptocurrency that could be the answer to central banking – which has caused all of the recessions in the recent past. The economy’s outlook is becoming so horrifying that Ray Dalio, the co-founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, recently drew eerie parallels between today and the Great Depression.

In a comment made at Davos, the world-renowned investor explained that from 1929 to 1932, there was a lot of “printing of money, and purchases of financial assets,” much like today.

Opinion: The apocalypse in the book of Revelation begins in chapter 6, just 3 chapters after Revelation 3:10 when Jesus tells His church that it would be taken from (Greek, out of) the trial, and 2 chapters after Revelation 4:1 when John is taken up, modeling the rapture.

When viewed chronologically, Revelation becomes clear. The 4 Horsemen lay out a perfect sequence of events:

  • White Horse: false Christ deceives a Biblically dead world that he is a peacemaker
  • Red Horse: the deception leads to wars and rumors of wars all over the world
  • Black Horse: during wars global markets are in chaos and food becomes scarce
  • Pale Horse: death and pestilence are a natural progression following war, economic collapse, food shortages. The beasts of the earth hunt for food.

Look at how each of them are in various stages of fulfillment in the EU today. Jean Claude Junker called for one leader to ‘steer the ship’. The Middle East is a powder keg with the EU ready to challenge the Trump peace plan, a possible catalyst for ME war. The EU is buried in debt/Socialism and the ECB (central bank) has the euro printing press going non stop, with no end in sight.

Enter digital currency. Working backwards form Revelation 13:11-17 we know that the False Prophet will require every person on earth to receive a mark to be eligible to transact business, even buying food. With 180 currencies in the world today the idea of that much control by any government is virtually impossible. Right on schedule, an alternative is here in digital currency:

  • In Sweden people line up to be microchipped
  • Globalist economists are calling for the elimination of large currency bills
  • Central bankers are exploring cryptocurrencies
  • Banks must report to the government all large cash withdrawals
  • Most millennials carry no cash

The logistics of how we get cashless is the question, not if.