Black Tea Party Figure: “Elizabeth Warren is a Despicable Human Being”


The New American: What do you call someone who sows racial unrest, and risks sparking inter-group violence, for political gain? A demagogue? Black Tea Party figure Lloyd Marcus calls such a person “a despicable human being” — and he has someone in particular in mind: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.; shown).

What so upset Marcus was the presidential contender’s claim last weekend that a black man “was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.” The senator was, of course, referencing the 2014 self-defense shooting of criminal Michael Brown by a Ferguson officer whose name I won’t reprint here (he may want to avoid the public eye). The senator was also lying.

As Marcus puts it, “Everyone knows Brown was shot while assaulting a police officer in his patrol car while Brown tried to take the officer’s gun.” more …

Opinion: Elizabeth Warren is not alone. Kamala Harris had this to say:

Michael Brown’s murder forever changed Ferguson and America. His tragic death sparked a desperately needed conversation and a nationwide movement. We must fight for stronger accountability and racial equity in our justice system

From the article: “Making it worse is that Warren, a “law professor,” and former prosecutor Harris surely know the legal definition of “murder” and that the Ferguson officer was neither charged with nor committed such. In fact, he may have a good defamation case here.

But guessing Warren’s motivation isn’t hard. A recent poll shows that her support among blacks is weak, paling in comparison to fellow presidential aspirant Joe Biden’s. So she’s trying to shore it up.

Regardless, her “presidential run should be over.” 

But neither campaign is over. In fact, Warren is surging as I write this. So who is more dishonest, the two women candidates? The party that supports them? Or the press that ignores the lie?