Blinken: “Two-state solution is the best way to ensure Israel’s future.”


Arutz Sheva: Mr. Blinken, only when history precedes politics, can any progress follow – and your words contravene history. Op-ed.

At the outset, we learn the following from the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs in answer to the question, ‘Who are the Palestinians?’;

 Palestinian leaders claim that the Palestinians are descended from the Canaanite people who lived in the Land of Canaan before the Israelite tribes settled in it.

 What is the source of the name “Palestine?” It is not Arab; it is derived from the name “Palestina,” by which the Roman Emperor Hadrian chose to call the land after the defeat of the Bar Kokhba Revolt in 135 CE. His aim was to erase “Judea.”

 According to Palestinian historian Muhammad Y. Muslih, during the entire 400 year period of Ottoman rule (1517-1918), before the British set up the 30-year-long Palestine Mandate, “There was no political unit known as Palestine.” In Arabic, the area was known as al-Ard al-Muqadassa (the holy land), or Surya al-Janubiyya (southern Syria), but not Palestine.

 Not a single Palestinian tribe identifies its roots in Canaan; instead, they all see themselves as proud Arabs descended from the most notable Arab tribes of the Hejaz, today’s Iraq, or Yemen. Even the Kanaan family of Nablus locates its origins in Syria. Some Palestinian clans are Kurdish or Egyptian in origin, and in Mount Hebron, there are traditions of Jewish origins.

Mr. Blinken, only when history precedes politics, can any progress follow. On 05/12/, 2015, the Jerusalem Post published Daniel Grynglas’ “Debunking the claim that ‘Palestinians’ are the indigenous people of Israel.” It serves as a good starting point to an understanding how so many “useful idiots” in the US State Department have failed in their endeavors to comprehend Jewish claims to the Land of Israel. Read More

Opinion: Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is Jewish and should know better.

That Arab people are descended form Canaanite people groups is a common myth that Palestinian leaders use to claim to be the first settlers of the land.

Tradition holds that Arabs descend from Ishmael, the son of Abraham. The Syrian Desert is the home of the first attested “Arab” groups, as well other Arab groups that spread in the land.

No people group claims to be descended from Esau, however, history shows (reference below) that the Edomite tribes were pushed from their ancestral home in the mountains of what is today southern Jordan, and migrated to southern Judea, 600 years before Christ. Herod was an Edomite as was one of Jesus’ disciples, the one who betrayed Him. Judas was from Kerioth, a town in southern Judea. The other 11 disciples were from Galilee.

Malachi 1:1-5 prophesied that Esau’s descendants (Arabs of Judea, Gaza and Jordan) will return to the land in the last days to try to reclaim their patriarch’s squandered birthright (Genesis 25:29-24).. God says they shall be called “The Territory of Wickedness”.

In the truest sense, Arabs have Jewish roots through Abraham:

  • Ishmael, illegitimate son of Abraham and Sarah’s handmaiden, Hagar
  • Esau, Isaac’s son who married Hittite women outside the family line
  • The descendants of both people groups are hostile to Jacob today

Reference, Antichrist: The Search for Amalek (page 55) HERE