BPT NEWS Special Report: Dem Debate Night 2


Theme: The battle against Joe/Obama policies?

Joe Biden – “We have a president that rips the social fabric of this country every day” – Kamala’s health care plan will cost $3 trillion, taxes will go up. – Whispered to Harris “Go easy on me kid” !!! OBAMA CARE IS WORKING. My plan costs $750 billion not $3 trillion – People can buy into my plan or pay $3 trillion!!! (applause) – We need to change the reason why people leave their country – illegal entry is a crime – PhD’s should get a 7 year green Card  – No more subsidies for coal or fossil fuels.

Kamala Harris – “This is a moment in time to look in the mirror and ask, who are we?” We are better than this – Fight we will – I come from fighters – 10 years to work into new Medicare plan. Healthcare is a right – separate healthcare from employer – VP Biden still has not acknowledged working with segregationists. 

Julian Castro – Public service is about you and your family. I will work hard every day to help people who are struggling – Expand health care to anyone who wants it – Open borders is a right wing talking point – My plan would put an undocumented person on a path to citizenship!

Cory Booker – “The US president called an American city a rat infested slum”– we have deep wounds we need to heal and move forward – Unite under a common cause – Trump is enjoying this debate and he will take away health care – We are playing into Republican hands – We need to get marijuana justice – Everything is sublimated to climate change!!

Andrew Yang$1000 to every American every month! Amazon is taking people’s jobs – Our current health care – Immigrants are being scapegoated – I trust any one on this stage more than Donald Trump – AI will take jobs – “we need guaranteed income”

Tulsi Gabbard – “I served our nation’s military for 8 years” – Donald Trump is not a patriot. We don’t have a health care system we have a sick care plan – Our hearts break when we see children separated from their parents – US has a broken justice system – “Senator Harris locked up marijuana users and laughed about it” – I introduced the “Fossil Fuels Act” to fight climate change before it was popular.

Bill De Blasio – “We will tax the hell out of the wealthy” No one is happy with their health care plan – American people are sick of pharma companies. We need to be bold we need to disrupt the status quo – The 11 million illegal count is still valid! We should no longer have a white nationalist in the White House. 

Kirsten Gillibrand –  “My grandmother taught me nothing is impossible” civil rights are possible. We need a nominee who does not know the meaning of impossible. Health care is a right! Republicans want to take away your health care – Trump separates families – climate change is our greatest threat.

Jay Inslee – “Democrats are the last best for humanity on this planet” – National mobilization on clean energy – I’m proud that our state takes care of seniors – mental health care is critical.

Michael Bennet – “We are consumed by a president that doesn’t give a damn about children”– Medicare For All will get Donald Trump elected – Universal healthcare! – $3 trillion in health care is a losing proposition – we will never separate children from families…

Winners have pictures above their names – Joe survived (barely) and Tulsi (white pantsuit) looked best.

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