British Jews apply for German nationality as Brexit looms


AP News: Simon Wallfisch grew up in London as the grandson of an Auschwitz survivor who had sworn to never return to the country that murdered her parents and 6 million other Jews.

But more than 70 years after the Holocaust, Brexit has prompted Wallfisch and thousands of other Jews in Britain to apply for German citizenship, which was stripped from their ancestors by the Nazis during the Third Reich.

“This disaster that we call Brexit has led to me just finding a way to secure my future and my children’s future,” said Wallfisch, 36, a well-known classical singer and cellist who received his German passport in October. “In order to remain European I’ve taken the European citizenship.” more …

Opinion: Frying pan to the fire.

In a speech marking the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, German Chancellor Merkel warned against the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Germany.

“Racism, anti-Semitism and prejudices did not just vanish. If today, 80 years after these pogroms and 70 years after the formation of the Federal Republic of Germany, we look at the situation, we see an ambiguous picture: There is flourishing life, Jewish life, an unexpected gift after the Shoah,” continued the chancellor.

“But at the same time we see a worrying anti-Semitism. Which means Jewish life in this country, and in other places considered safe havens for the world, is threatened. This anti-Semitism has increasingly erupted into incitement of violence online and in public places.”

There is growing anti-Semitism disguised beneath a pro-Palestinian agenda globally. From the halls of the United States Congress to the European bastions of civility in Brussels, it is as unmistakable as it was in 1938.

There is one safe place for Europe’s Jews, it is the covenant land, where they will be protected through three prophesied wars leading to the end of the age.

  • Psalm 83
  • Ezekiel 38-39
  • Daniel 11:40-45

See Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 6 here and chapter 8 here

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