Can Israel and Turkey’s renewed relations lead to a new Middle East?


JPost: President Isaac Herzog will become the first Israeli leader to visit Ankara since 2008 when he jets off to a two-day visit to Turkey on Wednesday at Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s request.

What should we expect from the rare, high-profile visit to Turkey and what consequences will rejuvenated relations between Ankara and Jerusalem have on the Middle East as a whole and on Israel in particular?

Dr. Alon Liel, a former ambassador to Turkey and Foreign Ministry director-general, spoke to 104.5FM on Sunday to explain.

Turkish courtship

Erdogan, who heavily pushed for stronger diplomatic relations with Israel in recent months, has been “courting Israel for over a year now,” Liel said. “I have been seeing this vigorous Turkish courtship for over a year…I think it is quite obvious that [Israel] did not respond to this courtship.”

The Turkish president’s renewed interest in the Jewish state was met with a great deal of mistrust by Israel, the former ambassador stated, adding that it even came to “mutual hostility..we simply did not believe Erdogan.” Read More …

Opinion: Mistrust? 

Nowhere in the article was Recep Erdogan asked if he regretted the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident that showed outright hatred of Israel when he sent a flotilla of vessels to break the Israeli Gaza blockade that prevented weapons from the hands of Hamas, ending a 60-year relationship between the countries.


Does Recep Erdogan regret receiving a Hamas delegation in Istanbul in August 2020?

Hamas delegation tells Erdogan of Gaza's dire situation, Temple Mount 'danger' | The Times of Israel


Has Recep Erdogan changed his 2021 comment that Jerusalem is “under occupation,” and is of utmost importance after Mecca and Medina, should be part of the “Umrah” (the “regular” Muslim pilgrimage throughout the year, unlike the Hajj).

Or is Erdogan panicked over his January 2022 promise to tame Turkey’s surging inflation that hit 36% putting further pressure on the lira that shed 44% of its value in 2021?

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