China Gloats: New Hypersonic Missile a Blow to US ‘Strategic Superiority’


Assessment: That US intel has no idea how China did this, is more freighting than the missile …

China is putting the US on blast following a report that it launched a hypersonic missile into orbit — ridiculing America’s sense of “strategic superiority.”

The recent launch of the nuclear-capable hypersonic glide vehicle into low-orbit, first reported in the Financial Times on Saturday, caught the US intelligence community by surprise.

“Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, so that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared.” Rev. 16:12

“We have no idea how they did this,” a person familiar with the test told the publication.

In an editorial Sunday in the Global Times, the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece, China wouldn’t confirm the Financial Times report, but noted that “the US generally has the ability to monitor global missile launches.”

“If the FT report is to be believed, it means that there is a key new member in China’s nuclear deterrence system, which is a new blow to the US’ mentality of strategic superiority over China,” the piece added. Read More @ NY Post HERE