Christmas Eve 2021: Migdal Edar – Tower of the Flock


God’s prophecy of the woman’s Seed (Gen. 3:15) is fulfilled in the Baby born to the virgin!

According to our Google Analytics information, the most-viewed page on our site is the one about Migdal Eder. Especially during this time of year, it is viewed several times every day from locations all over the globe.

This month alone, the post was viewed over 2000 times with over half coming from internet searches.

Author and I are fascinated as well by the account of the Bethlehem shepherds’ fields and the Migdal Eder (tower of the flock).

Jesus, God’s own sacrificial Lamb, was born in the same location as the sacrificial lambs for the Temple.
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  1. And greetings to you also Vason, our Author1 and the Editor. Thank you indeed for your Biblical exposition – always a favourite of mine – and your diligence in pursuing the Scriptures for understanding and sometimes foreknowledge of our menacing and dangerous times.

    As the new calendar year presses in on us may all followers of the Messiah hold fast to Him and the written Word, not weakening in the faith once delivered but standing firm. He is our security and our very great reward. May God bless you all.

  2. Always my favorite post of the year. This provides even more empirical evidence of who Jesus is and further validates prophetic scripture.

    Thank you two, Author and Editor, for all the hard work you put into the daily posts and helping spread not only the Gospel message but the sense of urgency we must all have in sharing it with others. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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