Compass E-News: Is China Attacking US?

Is China
With all the lies coming from our government, from the news and from the Internet, we have to be careful what information we trust.
I had a politically well-connected good friend once tell me not to pay attention too much to the news because that’s what they want you to think about.
Instead, he said it was more important what they don’t talk about. He told me this 20 years ago and I’m just now understanding what he meant.
Today we see the big media networks all talking about elections. They poll different things and talk about the Democrats or Republicans losing or gaining house seats.
They talk about the Supreme Court rulings like Roe vs. Wade and the protests at their personal homes… and now even their neighbors’ homes.
They’ll talk about ridiculous things like men having babies or the push to change men into women or vice-versa. Or other issues like inflation, the border, or the inability of Biden to read his teleprompter.
But no one is talking about the “elephant in the room”—that va((inated people are dropping dead all over the place. Not unva((inated people, they’re doing fine. It’s the va((inated who are dying.
The more va((ine shots they’ve had, the more likely they’ll drop dead. Now we’re getting the proof that this is by design—the va((ines were created to kill people. That sounds almost unbelievable but keep reading.
We get little bits of info here and there on this from alternate media. But if you talk about va((ines on social media, it’s immediately scrubbed.
Well-credentialed doctors are losing their licenses to practice medicine because they point out the obvious fact that va((ines are responsible for most of the unexpected deaths happening every day.
So how long can they keep this charade going? Certainly not forever. The deaths are beginning to escalate. So the Globalists/Satanists continue to lie to cover it up as long as possible.
We showed in the past that the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its global leader wanna-bes are trying to take over the world.
But realistically, that just doesn’t pass the sniff test. They have no army, no money and at the moment they actually control zero. All they do is talk. Does the king have no clothes? Or who is really behind them?
There is a country, a quite powerful country, that IS trying to conquer us. And the facts are beginning to emerge.
Naomi Wolf, a Clinton policy-lover and liberal feminist blogger who voted for Biden, has been researching the Pfizer document dumps and has assembled an astonishing picture. And she’s found that China is in the middle of all of this—their fingerprints are on everything.
Wolf is telling everyone who will listen that from her research she believes we are in a war for our country against China…and that we’re in the last of ten phases of being conquered.
Her research shows China is controlling Brandon, pulling the strings of our government, disrupting the food and energy distribution, and even messing with our weather. They’re well on their way to accomplishing our demise.
You can listen to the first 3 or 4 minutes of this video for a recap of what she thinks is going on. It’s fascinating. Scroll down to find the video interview with Dr. Mercola.
CLICK HERE (Just watch the first four minutes for an overview/recap)
Wolf is apparently not a born-again Believer, but you get the impression the Lord may be working in her heart because she makes little references here and there to the Messiah. So first and foremost, do pray for her salvation.
But continuing with her researching the document dump by Pfizer, she’s dumbfounded by what she’s finding. In a recent blog titled “Facing the Beast” she wrote:
“The enemy is within our very bodies.
“Since I first started reading the reports produced by the 3,000 medical and scientific experts of the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers team, based on the 55,000 Pfizer documents released under court order, I knew I was seeing not just medicine gone wrong, not just a greedy pharmaceutical company and a regulatory agency that was fully corrupted, but rather, or additionally, I was seeing a massive act of war.(1)
“When I saw the eighteen months’ worth of sudden deaths, slow deaths, encephalies, strokes, heart attacks, pericarditis, myocarditis, Guillain Barre, Bell’s palsy, MS, blood clots, lung clots, leg clots, blue-green breast milk, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, neonatal seizures, neonatal multi-organ system failure, liver damage, kidney damage, suppressed lactation, suppressed sperm count, disrupted menses, all detailed in the Pfizer documents;
“When I saw the fact that 34,000 plus of the 42,000 plus adverse events ‘cases’ itemized in the worldwide rollout of the Pfizer injections, were sustained in the US — with the next largest group being sustained in Western Europe — and that the 56 countries around the world that also had Pfizer injections rolled out amounted for only a bit over 7,000 adverse events total — I knew I was seeing not just medicine gone wrong on a massive scale, but rather that I was seeing an act of war.
“When I saw the doubling of neonatal deaths in country after country, the rise of 34% above normal in stillbirths and spontaneous abortions for vaccinated versus unvaccinated mothers; when I saw that 3,816 vaccinated women in the VAERS database lost their babies — 57% of all the neonatal deaths in all the time that VAERS records had been kept;(2)
“When I saw that of 36 pregnancies followed in the Pfizer documents, 28 of the babies died(3); when I saw the rise of 40 per cent in death rates and the shocking rise in cases of disability in the West(4) I knew I was not seeing just medicine gone wrong on a massive scale, but that I was witnessing an act of war.”
The article goes on to show details that factually tie the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into the va((ines. It’s an eye-opener to say the least–and if she is correct, somehow the WEF is in bed with China. You can read the whole article CLICK HERE.
Naomi also believes that in late October a gigantic problem will be foisted on America… just in time for mail-in ballots to be necessary.
Hey, ballot stuffing worked in the past, why not use it again!
That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun. Eccl. 1:9
“Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots?” Jer. 13:23
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Diesel Depression
40-minute video (Can watch at 1.25 view speed)
This is a difficult video to watch. You can get the gist of what he’s explaining in the first 10 minutes or so.
The longer the video goes, the more scary he makes it sound. He also sells survival food so you have to take that into account also…the scarier it is, the more food he sells.
So as you watch this video, remember that the Bible teaches what he is explaining is the “Wrath of God” that comes after the Rapture. Jesus promises to rescue us prior to the chaos, death and destruction that’s coming.
…wait for His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead, that is Jesus, who rescues us from the wrath to come. 1Th. 1:10
Therefore comfort one another with these words [the promise of the Rapture]. 1Th. 4:18
2X, 3X, 4X Va((inated Are More Likely To Die
2-minute Video
Dr. Paul Marik summarizes in 2 minutes.
Are Nations Being Set Up To Fall Worldwide?
This is a most-provocative read, by Leo Hohmann. Are the Globalists/Satanists ready to pounce?
Scarf Lady Admits Lying To Trump On Purpose
Deborah Birx spills the beans on how Trump was circumvented to get the lockdowns. The fact she wrote all this out in a book should tell us she doesn’t believe she’ll have to pay any price for her deception.
Excellent Overview Of The Great Reset
25-minute video (Can watch at 1.50 view speed)
This well-organized video walks through the history of the Globalists/Satanists…from their roots through today’s agenda. I’m actually surprised that YouTube hasn’t taken this one down.
The Real Coup d’Etat
20-minute video
This is a low-budget video (in time, production and set) but lays bare the facts about who’s gained control of our government today…an amazing takeover by corporations over 10 years ago. Fascinating.
37-minute video
Del Bigtree interviews Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Robert Malone who make an urgent plea to stop va((inations now!
Non-Covid Excess Deaths
Brainy, hard-to-read article
Non-Covid related deaths are continuing to rise across America and there is only one thing that is different…va((ines. This is a deep dive into the subject…but just a resource for most of us.
Overview On Excess Deaths
You can skim this article…some of the info is old, some new, but reading the sub-headlines in the article tell you all you need to know.
Italians Dropping Dead On Vacations
At least 11 vacationers drop dead suddenly on Italian beaches in 24 hours. Italy is heavily vaxxed with that safe and effective va((ine.
Consistent with the statistics, this one breaks your heart.
Why Cholesterol Is Good For You
12-minute video
Dr. Glidden says everything you thought you knew about cholesterol is wrong. Fascinating.
How To Poison An Entire Population Without Them Knowing It
2-minute video
Dr. Hooker gets Dr. Yeadon to summarize how one could poison the entire world.
Giant Germany Oil Company On Verge Of Bankruptcy
Keep you eye on this one… Russia has cut off the fuel to Germany… will they start the flow again?
Global Trafficking
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Signs of the Times:
Well this is special…Biden’s deputy assistant Nuclear Energy Secretary Sam Brinton and Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine at French ambassador Philippe Etienne’s home last week. This emboldens our enemies and makes me want to puke.
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Gene Altering in the Days of Noah vs. Today
Andy Woods – President, Chafer Seminary, Texas
What was Satan doing in Noah’s Day that upset God so much that He destroyed the entire earth? What happens today when you tinker with God’s human design?
Christians and Covid Part 1
Dr. Carrie Madej – mRNA Vaccine Researcher, Georgia
Dr. Madej was one of the very first physicians to understand the gravity of the situation with the new mRNA vaccines. As a committed Believer, in this video she explains the coming problems from reprogramming our God-given immune system.
Scientific Reasons We Can Trust the Bible
Russ Miller – Creation Ministries, Arizona
A plethora of scientific evidences proving the Bible is your best science book. And Russ is, as always, exceptional!!
The United States of Fear
Mark McDonald, MD – Author, America’s Frontline Doctors, Texas
In the Summer of 2020, Mark stood alongside Simone Gold on the steps of the Supreme Court to proclaim the lies coming out about Covid. He clearly saw how America was being deceived by mass delusional psychosis.
Christians & the Coming World Police
Andy Woods – President, Chafer Seminary, Texas
A lot of prophecy teachers thought most of what we’re seeing today would happen post-Rapture…But here we are! So if the Rapture continues to be delayed, what’s ahead for Believers that we’ll have to deal with?
Weapons of Mass-instructions
Russ Miller – Creation Ministries, Arizona
Our education system is beyond broke and Russ exposes the educational system behind CRT, masks and the “Me Generation.”
Christians and Covid Part 2
Peter McCullough, MD – Cardiologist & International COVID Expert, Texas
Dr. McCullough has done more to wake up America from a deathly slumber than any five other doctors. He’s given interviews on Fox, Joe Rogan, The Haywire, and countless other media outlets. He has the true scientific facts and will let the fur fly in this video message.
God’s Wrath – Christendom’s Most Ignored Topic Dave Reagan, Bible Teacher, Texas
Bible teachers need to return to teaching what God has done and will do in the not-too-distant future to non-Believers.
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