Bokhari: The Demise of Google’s Free Speech Movement


Breitbart: Free speech at Google is long since dead. But it didn’t go down without a fight. As the tech giant embarked on its self-described “shift towards censorship”, many employees inside the company spoke out against it — and were rewarded with harassment and discrimination for remaining true to Google’s founding values.

Former Google employees tell Breitbart News they felt they were forced out of the company and retaliated against because they stood up for free speech and political neutrality. They describe an atmosphere of bullying, in which far-left “social justice warriors” were allowed to smear and intimidate them with little intervention from the company’s HR department.

While opinion is divided on whether Google plans to intervene in the 2020 election, they all agree that political bias at the company is out of control, with zero tolerance for ideological diversity in internal discussions. more ...

Opinion: While visiting one of our sons in another city recently, I found the use of Siri to be amazing. Hey Siri, put the entire city at my beck and call. Find a Home Depot near me, I said, and before you can blink I was on my way, confident I would not get lost. From there it was 3 more stops each in locations I would have probably never found. Me and Siri were/are a team.

Oh, I read all the warnings about my new friend. I have even posted on the dangers of being tracked and listened to, but I needed help and there it was on my iPhone.

Then there are Google searches. Friends tell me they are going cold turkey with Bing or Yahoo, but they are not bloggers and when I tried other search engines I found it took a lot more time to get what I needed.

Hooked, knowing full well that even this blog is being put on the back burner and on its way to obscurity, when an authoritarian government comes into power and Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al, will be useful idiots under the control of a globalist dictator.

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