Disney+ showcasing 12-yr-old ‘transgender girl’ in new Marvel Hero Project


The Right Scoop:  The new Disney+ streaming service is spotlighting the activism of a 12-year-old transgender girl as part of the new Marvel unscripted series Hero Project, which profiles young individuals who are trying to make a difference in their communities.

Hero Project‘s episode “Mighty Rebekah” introduces Rebekah Bruesehoff, a transgender girl from New Jersey who transitioned at the age of eight. Bruesehoff was born male but now identifies as a girl with the support of her parents.

The episode follows Bruesehoff’s path toward activism, which began around the time the group Garden State Equality started agitating for statewide guidelines regarding transgender kids in schools. Read More …

Opinion: The November 13, 2019  headline stunned Wall Street as Disney stock soared:

Disney+ streaming exceeds expectations with 10 million sign-ups, shares surge

Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) shares soared to a record high after the entertainment firm said its new streaming service, Disney+, had been met with “extraordinary consumer demand,” reaching 10 million sign-ups in its first day. 

The Magic Kingdom turns wicked:

Imagine how many children will be encouraged by this type of programming to want a sex change, and imagine how many parents will want to be the first in their progressive social circle to have a trans-child.

Nowhere in this progressive propaganda will it show the child’s mother dressing him in pink with pink hair at the age of two. Nowhere will there be statistics showing young adults asking to be transitioned back to their God-given gender. Nowhere will we hear of severe depression and suicides for those who transitioned and nowhere will we hear about the families torn apart in the process.

The left and in particular the progressive left want society off-balance so that it can be re-made or as Barack Obama said, “to fundamentally change America.”

 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work

I wish I could say it will all go back to the way it was, but that is not what the Scriptures tell us. The evil one is having his way until Jesus comes for us, and some of us may have to deal with this in our own families.

… only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way”. 2 Thess. 2:7

The Scriptures do not speak directly to transgenderism giving me the thought that it may be short lived as the end of the age comes near.

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