‘Doctrine of Demons’: New Film Exposes Satanic Inspiration for Abortion


PJ Media: On Thursday, the pro-life group Created Equal published a new film exposing the Satanic inspiration behind a great deal of abortion activism. The video cites the Satanic Temple’s activism for abortion, the anti-Christian rhetoric of abortion activists, and the abortion movement’s emphasis on autonomy above all else.

Abortion: a Doctrine of Demons explains how a near worship of autonomy drives the movement in favor of killing babies in their mothers’ wombs.

“Most often, the ultimate value they fight for is autonomy, freedom to do whatever they want. The greatest representative of pursuing autonomy is Satan,” the narrator explains. “Created Equal and other pro-lifers often encounter those whose support for abortion turns to worship, most evident under the banner of Satanism.”

Most Satanists do not believe in the existence of Satan, but celebrate him as a symbol of autonomy against the Christian God. Yet some self-identified witches have joined the crusade. more …


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