JPost: Since a decision in January 2012, the European Union has committed to the expansion of illegal Palestinian settlement in Area C in conjunction with the Palestinian Authority, disregarding the Oslo agreements, which the EU officially upholds. The aim is to create continuous Palestinian settlement throughout Judea and Samaria and indirectly isolate and strangle Israeli settlement.

For the first time in the 100-year-old conflict between the Zionist movement (and later the State of Israel), the Palestinians under the auspices of the PA and the EU, are surpassing the former in strategic settlement, over which the Zionist movement once enjoyed a monopoly. more …

Opinion: The old terrorist began his murderous rampage in the 1972 Olympic Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes under Yasser Arafat. Abbas has not stood for reelection since 2007, but retains the title President of the PA, and has the complete support of the EU.

Yesterday a news conference was held by Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to speak their minds on being banned to travel to Israel. In her first sentence Omar used the word occupation and went on to use it a dozen times in a speech that lasted a few minutes.

Rashida Tlaib became emotional when describing the wait for it ….. Occupation. The disrespect shown by the two congresswomen when mentioning Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Donald Trump was obvious. The disrespect shown by each of the 5 ladies was highlighted by referring to the land as Palestine, not Israel. making the current Arab incursion to area C even more urgent.

Neither Omar or Tlaib mentioned why they didn’t travel with 41 other members of Congress 1 week earlier or why their trip and itinerary was planned and financed by people who were connected the BDS movement.

The saddest part of the press conference was the three Jewish women who spoke out in solidarity with the Arab position. The lie that is Palestine was in living color.

Let’s review what they call the occupation:

  • Area Athe PA has political and military jurisdiction over its residents – all of whom are Arab (with the partial exception of Jewish Hebron, which came under exclusive Israeli control in the 1997 Hebron protocol between Israel and the PLO)
  • Area B: Israel and the PA share jurisdiction – Israel has exclusive jurisdiction over the Jewish inhabitants and exclusive authority over security for both its Arab and Jewish inhabitants. The PA has political, administrative and police jurisdiction over the Arab inhabitants.
  • Area C: Israel has exclusive jurisdiction both administratively and in security matters. Area C is under complete Israeli control, both in terms of military and civilian rule. It is a sparsely populated area.

Areas A, B and C came into existence about 25 years ago, after they emerged in legal documents related to the Oslo negotiations – especially the interim agreement between Israel and the PLO signed in September 1995 known as the Oslo II Accord. The accord extended the jurisdiction of the newly formed Palestinian Authority to the major towns in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). The PA had secured jurisdiction over most of Gaza and Jericho a year-and-a-half earlier.

These 3 types of jurisdiction were intended to have meaning for only five years or so, until a final settlement to the Palestinian issue was supposed to be achieved, around 1999.

According to Israeli activist watchdog groups, such as Regavim, in the past half-decade, illegal Palestinian settlements and infrastructure have sprawled across more than 9,000 dunams in more than 250 Area C locations, supported by more than 600 kilometers of illegally constructed access roads and more than 112,000 meters of retaining walls and terracing. This massive works project is being conducted in broad daylight, often heralded by tall announcement placards and proud press releases. more …

Questions: With thousands of illegal PA structures already in Area C (here) and removing them would take years in court,

  • why is Netanyahu allowing further Arab incursion into Area C?
  • has Netanyahu given up on Judea and Samaria?
  • is giving up Area C part of the deal of the century?
  • since the temple mount is in area C who gets control?

In the past 3 months the question of Arab incursion into Area C has been the topic of at least 6 posts in our archives. It now appears that the final disposition of Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem (temple mount) must wait until the deal of the century. Tread very carefully, Mr. President, the temple mount is still holy ground.