Catholic German bishops’ document approves: contraception, homosexuality, women’s ordination



Cardinal Reinhard Marx

Lifesite News: The working documents in preparation for the assemblies of the [Catholic] German bishops’ “Synodal Path” defend the use of contraception, the practice of masturbation, and an active homosexual lifestyle. Additionally, neither the question of the ordination of women nor that of making celibacy optional for priests is taken off the table.

In 2019, four panels of experts were preparing working documents to serve as the basis for discussion among the participants of the Synodal Path, a process that begins Jan. 30. A careful study of those four documents reveals that the Church in Germany would, in fact, be reinvented, in spite of claims to the contrary made by Cardinal Reinhard Marx.

The head of the German Bishops’ Conference had stated in an interview that the Synodal Path does not want to “reinvent the Church.” With the first assembly being scheduled for the end of January and the beginning of February, the two-year long “Synodal Path” is focusing on sexual morality, the lifestyle of priests, women in the Church, and the abuse of power. Read Article …

Opinion: Years ago I was offered a position that would put over 500 people as direct reports. The position was in a different city, which meant I could not take the management team that I had hand picked and was responsible for making me look good enough for getting the promotion.

When I arrived at my new office, I found out that several members of the management team I was replacing had resigned. I was free to pick some of the most important support staff giving me confidence to get a running start.

New leaders want to be surrounded by people they trust. The Obama deep state is still deeply embedded in Washington and causing havoc on President Trump from his first day in office until today.

It is the same with Popes. Many Catholics are horrified by Pope Francis, saying “we survived bad popes before, and we will survive this one.”

But this is the Catholic Church. Archbishops and bishops are rarely fired for any reason. A bishop, priest, or deacon may be dismissed from the clerical state as a penalty for certain grave offenses, or by a papal decree, but that is rare, leaving recent appointees by the pope to serve for many years or until they die.

And Francis has been busy appointing 88 new cardinals expanding the number to 214. making it likely that Francis’ successor will be cut from the same cloth.

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One Italian Cardinal, Gualtiero Bassetti, appointed in 2014 said this two days ago:

‘Catholics who don’t like Pope Francis can become Protestant’

The German bishops are giving us a glimpse of the final iteration of the Catholic church. The next pontiff may have ‘two horns of a lamb but speak like a dragon’ Revelation 13:1.