‘He was going to his yeshiva when he was stabbed in the back’


Israel Hayom: Two people were stabbed in an apparent terrorist attack outside Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday morning.

The suspected Palestinian terrorist was shot and killed by Border Policemen at the scene.

“The assailant came to the Damascus Gate, stabbed a man, and then stabbed another man inside the Old City,” police said. more …

Opinion: I have to admit everything has changed for my wife and me since our trip to Israel. On May 26, we were at the Western Wall and the next day we were on the Temple Mount at the Dome of the Rock.

Both locations were a short walk to the Damascus Gate.

While we made our way around the area we felt safe with armed Israeli soldiers visible at multiple locations.


The knife attack at the Damascus Gate is a reminder that Israel is in the most dangerous neighborhood in the world, and the time for peace (Revelation 20:1-2) is not yet here.


  1. Welcome back. The third picture with the three young adults carrying their rifles. That’s what I remember about my visit to Haifa in 1990. We are spoiled and know nothing of the evil that they face every minute of every day. Head on a swivel and check your six.
    Jesus will fix it when He returns.

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