The Hidden Story of the Trump Family Rabbi


BIN: The story began in the 1950’s when Malka Weisberg’s parents, both Holocaust survivors, immigrated to America from Poland. Her father,  Rabbi Israel Wagner, got a job as the rabbi of Beach Haven, a newly established community in Brooklyn. Many of the people in the community were Holocaust survivors while others had witnessed the horrors of WWII while serving in the U.S. Army.

The community was praying in a temporary space, an underground garage in one of the development’s buildings. The rabbi decided to meet with the owner of the properties. Starting out building houses during the depression, Beach Haven was the second large development venture for Fred Trump, the father of the young man who grew up to be the current president.

“Basically, they became very close friends for the next 49 years,” Weisberg told Breaking Israel News. “Mr. Trump agreed to donate the land if the community built a synagogue on it.” more …

Opinion: Donald Trump’s love and support for Israel can only be compared to President Harry S. Truman who was instrumental in Israel’s rebirth in 1948. There have been a chorus of Israeli voices comparing Mr. Trump to King Cyrus of Persia (ancient name for Iran), who freed the Jews to rebuild the temple after 70 years of captivity.

In one of the most amazing prophecies of the Bible, Isaiah 45:1,4 spoke of Cyrus (740-681 BC) by name 150 years before his birth between 590 -580 BC, and prophesied that during his reign, the Persian gentile king would issue a decree to free the Jews.

God has always provides a protector for His people “for such a time as this” Esther 4:14:

The book of Esther finds an unlikely heroine, raised up by God, to save the Jews of ancient Persia from certain annihilation because of the intrigues of a Hitler-esque man named Haman.

So, is Donald Trump with all his faults a modern day Jewish hero? Scripture has given us many flawed heroes:

Abraham’s second wife is not from the family line (Genesis 21:1), Moses’ wife was a Cushite, which upset the Jewish community (Numbers 12:1), and King David committed adultery and murder (2 Samuel 11:1-27).

Will Donald Trump bring the third temple?

The comparisons to President Trump and the temple, however, are dangerous since Daniel 9:27 gives us clues that it will be Antichrist who ‘shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering’. Since Jews can only sacrifice in a temple, the third temple is in view.

Then he (Antichristshall confirm a covenant (peace treatywith many (Israel and neighborsfor one week (Hebrew for 7 years); But in the middle of the week (3.5 yearshe shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering …”

The final clue that Donald Trump is not Antichrist is that the Church of Jesus Christ is still here (Rev. 6:1-2; Romans 5:9; 1 Thess. 1:10, 5:7, 2 Thess. 4:16-18 ).