Hillel International tells Wake Forest Jewish Students to ‘Lay Low’ During Anti-Israel Week


Jewish Press: Amid this week being “Palestinian Rights Awareness Week” at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., pro-Israel campus students and Hillel professionals disagree on the appropriate approach toward countering the latest installation of anti-Israel bias. While some campus activists want to fight the initiative head on, Hillel professionals have been counseling the students to “lay low.”

The week-long initiative, led by Kristina Gupta—an assistant professor at the school’s Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies—“is dedicated to raising awareness about the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the importance of recognizing Palestinian rights.”

Opinion: The school’s Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies—“ has a beef with Israel? Wait what? Next thing ya know the Green Party will condemn Israel, oh wait they already have.

According to its mission statement, Wake Forest is “Christian by tradition, Baptist in heritage, and ecumenical in outlook.”

Somehow the words Christian and Baptist are normally not associated with anti-Semitism, but these are not normal times. Anti-Semitism is on a pre-World War II parallel, which is perhaps one of the strongest clues that the ‘time of Jacob’s trouble’ (Jeremiah 30:7) quickly approaching.

From the article:

“In an email obtained by JNS to WFU Hillel Israel chair Phillip Yurchenko, director of Jewish life on campus Gail Bretan instructed him to “stay low-key, ask respectful/thoughtful/insightful questions and to present alternative information to that which is presented” throughout the events.”

I sometimes wish I could scream on line. I can make words bold, I can make words italicized and I

can make the font bigger,

But I can’t help feeling that my efforts are inadequate, because some very profound changes are coming.