Is Obama about to legally slither back as president?


Assessment: Conspiracy theory? You tell me.

Ever since Barack Obama’s recent visit to the White House in which he was given the star treatment while Joe Biden was seemingly ignored as he wandered aimlessly, there has been talk that Biden’s presidency is over and that Obama himself could slither his way back into the Oval Office.

Although the 22nd Amendment precludes Obama from being “elected to the office,” a self-admitted “wild theory” proffered at American Thinker could have him regaining the presidency by another legal route.

And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you.” Matthew 24:4

“Obama’s aiming to get back into the Oval Office,” asserts Andrea Widburg.

“My premise is that Obama fully understands that, if Biden is ousted immediately under the 25th Amendment, there are only idiots and incompetents to take his place.

“If it’s not Kamala Harris, then it’s Nancy Pelosi and, if not her, then Patrick Leahy, Antony Blinken, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Austin, Merrick Garland … Obama knows none of these nonentities will secure the transformation he promised America. Instead, there are three steps to return Obama to the presidency:

1. Have the Democrat establishment remove Kamala Harris from office, whether through threats or bribes.

2. Have the Democrats declare that, because world instability (Ukraine, Putin, China) puts us at unprecedented risk, only a politically seasoned person can be vice president, with Obama graciously accepting that role.

3. Oust Biden using the 25th Amendment. And voilà! President Obama (again).

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