When You Cannot Buy or Sell

When You Cannot Buy or Sell
April 11, 2022
If you have missed any of Jan’s most recent radio programs, her message she gave at the Midwest Bible Prophecy Conference, the Roundtable discussion with Behold Israel, or her appearance on Agenda Weekly with Curtis Bowers, then check out the links below. This is information to help you be a watchman on the wall in our perilous times.
When You Cannot Buy or Sell - Pastor Mark Henry and Pastor Brandon Holthaus
Jan Markell hosts Pastors Mark Henry and Brandon Holthaus as they discuss the coming digital currency expected within a year. It will be programmable money, dictating what you can spend it on, replacing cash. This is a global effort. Biden signed onto it March 9. They also discuss the forthcoming food shortages. This info is not conspiratorial but a warning as to the lateness of the hour. Buying and selling is about to get much more difficult! Hear the World Government Summit scheme in an open forum and tell us their plans.
Days of Deception - Pastor Billy Crone and Jill Martin Rische
Jan Markell talks to Pastor Billy Crone about the great Covid deception. From digitized IDs and passports to forced vaccinations, people have surrendered freedoms out of fear. Why are the global elite perpetrating this deception? Then Jill Martin Rische and Jan critique “The Chosen” series and remind people of its enormous Mormon influence. How can the series introduce the authentic Jesus when the Mormon Church is an enemy of Jesus?
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2022 Midwest Bible Prophecy Conference
Jan Markell speaks with event host Pastor Joe Bell about current issues of the day from a prophetic perspective. The conference theme was the Great Reset and Global Governance.
“In the last days perilous times shall come.” Curtis and Jan talk about all the things going on in the world today that the Bible talked about thousands of years ago. From the war in Ukraine to the World Economic Forum’s 2030 agenda, the Bible foretold the world we are living in today. And you cannot understand these times without understanding Bible prophecy, a topic marginalized by many of today’s churches.
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Prophecy Roundtable - The Silent Pulpit
In this Roundtable, Amir Tsarfati, Jan Markell, Barry Stagner, along with Mike Golay, talk about today’s silent pulpit in the church. Why are so may pulpits quiet about the most important issues of our day, starting with Bible prophecy. How did the church get this way in the last 40 years? What can we do? Sign up for the e-newsletter at www.beholdisrael.org to get announcements about forthcoming Roundtables. They are live with your questions answered.
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Awaiting His Return,
Jan Markell
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