Kamala Harris: Moratorium on the Death Penalty—Even for Treason Against the U.S.


PJ Media: On Wednesday, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) — a 2020 presidential candidate — praised Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) for placing a moratorium on the death penalty in the Golden State. On Thursday, she called for a national moratorium, even opposing the death penalty for those convicted of treason and taking up arms against the United States.

Harris voiced her position on treason in a National Public Radio interview with Steve Inskeep.

“California’s current governor, Gavin Newsom, has this week, as I am sure you know, announced a moratorium on the death penalty in California. Is there a federal equivalent that you would do? Federal executions, of course, are quite rare. But there’s a federal death penalty,” Inskeep said. more …

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Opinion: Desertion was once a death penalty offense, that is until the Obama spin machine decided that ol’ Bo was just the kind of soldier that the left reveres. Bowe Bergdahl received a dishonorable discharge and no prison time for desertion in time of war.

It is going to be hard for the Dems to pick a candidate since they are all running on the same talking points:

  • Raise income taxes
  • Open borders/take down existing barriers
  • Tax corporations at 90%
  • Climate legislation/Eliminate use of fossil fuels in 10 years
  • Secure environmental justice with harsh penalties for infractions
  • Strict gun control/confiscation laws
  • Free healthcare
  • Free college
  • Free income
  • Government jobs for everyone who wants one
  • Raise minimum wage
  • Abolish death penalty
  • Unlimited abortion
  • Transgenders in the military
  • Guarantee of LGBT rights
  • Ignore US House members anti-Semitic tropes

If you look real close at each one, you will find Barack Hussein Obama’s fingerprints.