Thus on the day of the battle, no sword or spear was to be found in the possession of any of the troops with Shaul and Yonatan; only Shaul and Yonatan had them. Samuel 13:22 (The Israel BibleTM)

Israel 365: An Israeli politician compared Biden’s plans for gun reform to the Philistine’s confiscation of swords in the time of Saul, turning Israel into a completely conquered nation.


The press did not challenge Democratic candidate Joe Biden to reveal his platform during the campaign so many of his planned policies are being revealed now. One such policy concerns the ownership of guns protected by the second amendment. On his website; Biden outlines his plans, referring to gun violence during the COVID-19 pandemic as a “public health epidemic”, claiming that 40,000 people died last year as a result of gun violence.

According to Pew Research, the exact number in 2017, the most recent year for which there are complete statistics, was  39,773. It is important to note (though Biden did not) that of those, 60% (23,854) were suicides. Read More …

Opinion: Is there any part of the US Constitution that progressive left politicians do not want to change?

In 1 Samuel 13:22 the Philistines had an advantage over the Israelites having learned from the Hittites how to manufacture and use iron for swords and spears. The lesson learned is that even without an absence of weapons only because of Jonathan’s confidence in the Lord, did the Israelites prevail against a well-armed enemy.

But what about the (former) Christian majority in the United States? Will there be enough faith to withstand a coming global order?

Every authoritarian government in modern history has outlawed weapons. A Mises Institute report (here) from 2018 illustrates:

A Brief History of Repressive Regimes and Their Gun Laws

The Soviet Union and Its Satellite States

The Soviet Union left its mark as one of the deadliest political regimes in the history of mankind. However, it could not get away with such atrocities without having a complete monopoly on the use of force.

Nazi Germany

In 1938, Hitler signed a new Gun Control Act. Now that many “enemies of the state” had been removed from society, some restrictions could be slightly liberalized, especially for Nazi Party members. But Jews were prohibited from working in the firearms industry, and .22 caliber hollow-point ammunition was banned.


Once one of Latin America’s most prosperous countries, Cuba succumbed to the siren song of socialism when Fidel Castro took power in 1959.

Similar to the Nazi case, Castro took advantage of firearm registration lists established by the previous government. Once the dictator Fulgencio Batista was deposed, Castro’s tyrannical instincts kicked in. In a speech at the Maestre Barracks of San Ambrosio, Castro exclaimed:

Guns, for what? To fight against whom? Against the Revolutionary government that has the support of the people?


It’s no secret that the Venezuelan government has eviscerated property rights and fundamental civil liberties in the crisis beleaguered country. But how has the Venezuelan government been able to stay in power? The Venezuelan government’s civilian disarmament campaign is an oft-ignored abuse of human rights in discussions concerning Venezuela’s political crisis.

When Antichrist comes on the world stage, personal weapons will become a thing of the past. You can see the groundwork being prepared.