NASCAR goes gay: Every American sport league is now actively, unashamedly pro-LGBT


Assessment: With NASCAR’s move, virtually every American sport league is now actively, unashamedly pro-LGBT, committed to promoting sodomy as good, and essentially tossing the complementarity of man and woman into the dumpster of history …

This is the fifth in an ongoing series on the problematic rise of LGBT influence in what are normally considered conservative and GOP circles. The first four commentaries can be found hereherehere, and here

(LifeSiteNews) – NASCAR, the nation’s premiere stock car competition organization featuring the biggest names in auto racing, announced Wednesday that it has partnered with an LGBTQ+ organization to “promote diversity, equity, and inclusion training.”

“For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.” Romans 1:28

“NASCAR is excited to partner with the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce,” said Brandon Thompson, NASCAR’s vice president of diversity and inclusion. “With NASCAR offices and much of our industry based in the Carolinas, we look forward to working with CLGBTCC in support of its mission to foster equity, inclusion and economic prosperity for the LGBTQ community.”

“We know that fans of NASCAR look different, they love different, they’re differently able,” Thompson told radio station WFAE in December after NASCAR made “a major donation” to the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce. “This gives us an opportunity to let them know that we see them as well as support them.”

The Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce is described in NASCAR’s press release as “an organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and LGBT+ and allied businesses, corporations and professionals throughout western North Carolina and most of South Carolina. Its mission is to foster equity, inclusion and economic prosperity for the LGBTQ community through strategic policy, professional enrichment, ally partnerships and economic development.”

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