Pope Benedict fury: Ex-pontiff and traditionalists ‘terrified’ of liberal modern Francis

Pope Francis meets with retired Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican April 15, 2019. (CNS photo/Vatican Media via Reuters)

POPE BENEDICT is “terrified” of Francis and his plans to modernise the church, as the pontiff made a landmark move to appoint Nathalie Becquart to a senior role, previously only ever held by men.

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Express UK: Francis was forced to cancel three events at short notice over the weekend, after his ongoing issues with sciatica struck the 84-year-old again. Matteo Bruni, a spokesman for the Vatican, confirmed that due to the return of his condition he would not deliver Mass on Sunday, as well as attend a meeting with diplomatic corps on Monday, which has now been rearranged. This is the latest in a string of cancelled appointments he has made due to the condition, which affects the back and legs, after he skipped New Year’s Day Mass.

Francis has been widely praised for installing a liberal agenda within the Vatican.

Pope Benedict 'to spark downfall of Vatican' as major concerns over Francis' health emerge

This was epitomised by his decision to give women greater powers within the Church this month.

Yet, should a Benedict-type enter the Vatican next, the work carried out by Francis could be ruined, Ms Telford suggests.

She said Benedict and his supporters would be “terrified” by some of Francis’ choices while Pope, adding: “They really would not like the idea at all [of women in the Church], but Francis is aware that things have to change otherwise the Church will go under.”

Benedict was described by Ms Telford, author of Women in the Vatican – Female Power in a Male World, as “an opponent of change” and since he stood down in 2013 he had been creating “difficulties” for Francis. Read More

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