US Concerned About International Criminal Court Claiming Jurisdiction Over Israel


Arutz Sheva: The US on Friday expressed concern over the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) ruling that it that it has jurisdiction over Judea, Samaria, Gaza and eastern Jerusalem, paving the way for a war crimes probe against Israel.

“We are reviewing the ICC decision on Palestine and we have concerns about the ICC taking steps against Israeli personnel,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price.

“We share the goals of the ICC but we always believed its jurisdiction should only apply for countries who agree for it or as a result of a UN Security Council decision,” he added.

Earlier, a three-panel judge at the ICC ruled that Judea, Samaria, Gaza and eastern Jerusalem are within the jurisdiction of the court. Read More …

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President Trump slapped sanctions on ICC officials and had cited both their probe into US military personnel in Afghanistan as well as their efforts investigate Israel.

September 4, 2020


The United States sanctioned two top officials at the International Criminal Court, which U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in announcing the move on Wednesday, called a “thoroughly broken and corrupt institution. read more

The Biden administration has already announced plans to “thoroughly review” the sanctions that were imposed on the ICC by Trump.

Rule of thumb; If Trump signed it – cancel it, no matter what.


The U.S. is not under the jurisdiction of the ICC because that would allow the trial of American citizens for crimes committed on American soil, which is only within the judicial power of the United States under the Constitution.

Israel is also not a member of the ICC, but the State of Palestine, which does not exist, was allowed to join in 2015, giving us a clear picture of the make up of this Kangaroo Court.

The sham anti-Semitic Court of the ICC had no chance to prosecute Israel under Donald J. Trump.  What will President Joe do?